Jackson Hole Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Jackson Hole Region Fly Fishing Report
May 10, 2012
March 26-28 2012
May 23, 2012
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Jackson Hole Wyoming Fly Fishing Report




Here’s the latest fishing report:

With the cooler temps this week the Green and New Fork Rivers are clearing up nicely for some good action on Memorial Day. BUT, this could change at ANY moment!

Green River/New Fork:  Flows are 1100 & 1190 cfs today and the fish are starting to eat the golden stoneflies and there is still some caddis around too. This means lots of fish eating big bugs! Streamers are most productive!!

Fish Creek: Flow is 320cfs today and the bigger fish are moving in daily and are still eating midges, caddis and blue winged olives on the surface and underneath as well. Midday has been producing nice hatches and the fish are up eating the emergers and adult duns.

Snake: We are anticipating the Snake being fishable mid to late June, subject to the weather and flows, of course.

Upper tributaries: Blown Out


Fish Creek

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