Fish Creek

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July 10, 2013
Snake River
July 19, 2013
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Fish Creek


Flows in Wilson: 437 CFS

Fish Creek has been fishing very well in the mornings till mid day the past few days due to the heat wave that we’re currently experiencing. The mornings and evenings are prime time for the “match the hatch” fishing on Yellow Sallies, Caddis and PMD’s. The fish are trending to go find a deep cut bank during the heat of the day but come back out to feed later in the evening. We’ve seen some of the biggest fish ever continue to habitate in the creek. Most every angler has had numerous opportunities at fish over 20″ every trip. If you’re looking for a quality fishing experience in the Jackson Hole Area on private water this is the trip for you! It’s key to remember that the fish are not on our schedule………but rather, we’re on theirs! If you want to land the ” BIG ONE” then its either early am or late pm!

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