Green River 6/12/13

Snake 6-8-13
June 10, 2013
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Green River 6/12/13

******UPDATE******** As of this evening 6.7.13 the lower Green has blown out.

The Upper Green near the lakes is clear and fishing good and below Fontenlle is ON FIRE!!!

The Green River is still currently fishing well on dry flies. We’re still seeing a few Salmon flys along with PMD’s, Caddies and some Golden Stones. The water clarity today is a 7 out of 10, with 10 being crystal clear. If the water continues to rise and get a tint to it you can still catch fish on a nymph rig. Using a stone fly for the point fly and a san juan work for the trailing fly.

The Green below Fontenelle is fishing AMAZING right now with the Cicadas! The fish are keyed in on them and this is the water where you’ve always got a legit shot at a 10 pounder!!!

Flows: Warren Bridge 775 CFS Fontenelle: 800 CFS

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