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Snake River Fishing Report
August 18, 2013
Fish Creek
August 25, 2013
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Snake River



Flows at Moose: 4710 cfs




We’re VERY happy to report that we’ve received a significant amount of rain the past few days and nights which has cooled the waters on the Snake River and surrounding tributaries. The fish are really keying in on the Hecubas and the classinia stoneflys! These hatches are amongst the most prolific hatches of the entire year. The big fish really key in on them and it’s not uncommon to pull up to a riffle and and see 6-8 16″-20″ fish feeding in on them. The Hecubas are found mostly in the riffles and the stoneflys are at the tail outs and along the banks.

Our private access to the Snake provides a pristine environment to see lots of big fish, very few people and boats along with lots of wildlife! We welcome you to join us for a wonderful day of angling and if you want to complement your experience please consider a trip on Fish Creek as well.


Fish Creek





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