Snake River Fishing Report in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Snake River
October 18, 2013
Jackson Hole Fishing Report
February 4, 2014
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Snake River Fishing Report in Jackson Hole Wyoming


Here’s this weeks Snake River Fishing Report in Jackson Hole Wyoming;

With the wild swing of temperatures we’ve been experiencing this past week the fishing on the warmer afternoons has been fairly consistent. That being said, with the warmer temps we’ve had some crazy winds this past week but hopefully we’re going to get a reprieve for awhile. The name of the game is still midging, mostly on nymphs. The action has been limited to a several hour window in the afternoons from approx. 2-4pm when the temps are above 25 degrees. Your best bet is to nymph a 7-9 foot 5x floro leader with a flashback pheasant tail (#16) as your point fly and drop a small zebra midge (#20) about 18″ below the point fly. Make sure you add some split shot above the point fly which the weight amount will depend on the depth and speed of the water you’re fishing. Bobb’s 5 second midge #22 for the dry is very effective if you can see it on the water. If you’re having trouble seeing it tie on a point fly, we suggest a high vis g nat #20 with 5x tippet.The fish seem to be concentrated either in or near the riffles, with some feeding either in the back of the pool or slightly suspended below the surface.


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