Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River
August 11, 2013
Snake River
August 25, 2013
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Snake River Fishing Report


Hoppers. Droppers, Ants and Stones are the flys de jour currently.



USGS.13013650.15.00010..20130811.20130818..0.Flows at Moose, WY: 4710 CFS

The most recent Snake River Fishing Report is that currently, we’re on the upswing(again) with some very warm temperatures in the afternoons(see chart above). With that being said, the trick is to be the early bird on the water and fish hard till mid afternoon, until the water temps get too warm. Then we recommend cracking a cold one open and enjoying the rest of your day! As the temps increase the size of the fish decrease. The larger fish start to shut down around 66 degrees F and the smaller fish can still manage until approx 70 F.

The better news is; the flows from the Jackson dam are decreasing very gradually which is keeping the fish consistently in their current habitat and this should continue for the foreseeable future, we hope.

About mid week the temps are forecasted to decrease so this should make the fishing last longer throughout the day. We’ve had trips out this past week all over and we’re seeing the Cottonwood and Aspsen trees already start to change colors. The fall stone fly has been appearing and we’re thinking as the temps start to decrease the hecuba hatch will start as well.

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