Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing Report

Fontenelle Dam Fishing Report July 6, 2019
July 6, 2019
Upper Green River Pinedale Wyoming Fishing Report
July 8, 2019
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Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing Report

Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing Report

Given this report on the Jackson dam flows being reduced today, the tributairy flows slowing dow, the Snake should be finally set into the summer season flows etc in the next few days. It’s fishing ok right now and there’s a ton of bugs out, which is all great news! To book your trip please call 307-413-0669 or email; [email protected].


Below is an update on the Bureau of Reclamation’s water operations in the upper Snake River watershed.

(Monday July 8, 2019)

Subject: 2019 Upper Snake River Operations Update

Purpose: The purpose of these Operation Updates is to provide information regarding Reclamation’s operations as the season progresses. The operations outlined in this update are based on the best data available at the time and are subject to change as new information becomes available. For additional information and resources, please visit our website at: .

Jackson Lake Dam
· Current Discharge = 3,100 cfs.
· Today (7/8) discharge will decrease to approximately 2,300 cfs.



The Upper Snake reservoir system is currently 91% full (3,661,459 acre-feet out of 4,045,695 acre-feet). From June 30th to July 6th unregulated inflow above Heise, ID, measured 109% of average. System inflows are receding at a moderate pace and outflows from the reservoirs in the system will be governed by natural flow and storage flow deliveries from this week until the late fall months when outflows will be adjusted down to winter flows in the October timeframe.

Jackson Lake’s discharge is being decreased today to the target summer flow from Jackson Lake Dam. The flow may be adjusted slightly during the summer months to target reaching a storage of approximately 577,000 acre-feet by October 1st.

Reservoir levels, reservoir discharge and river flows can be monitored on the USBR Hydromet page here:

The Upper Snake “teacup” diagram which provides a graphical overview of system conditions can be accessed here:


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