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Snake River

Green River
June 21, 2013
Fish Creek
June 21, 2013
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Snake River


Flows at Moose WY: 7345 CFS

The Snake River currently is running higher than last week due to the increased releases from the Jackson Dam the past several days. We’re anticipating the higher flows for the next few weeks, which will make fishing a challenge. BUT, there’s still fish to be found in the side channels and where the tributaires flow into the Snake. There are Golden Stones EVERYWHERE and if the water is slow enough, fish are eating on the surface. With the cooler temperatures the past several days the tributaries are clearing up which should help improver the clarit in the main stem of the Snake.

If you’re looking for a quality fishing experience in the Jackson Hole area you should give our private spring creek a go. The Pmd and Green Drake hatches are blowing up and we’re seeing record numbers of trophy trout fighting over the bugs!


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