Upper Green River

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June 8, 2015
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Upper Green River

Upper Green River Fishing Guides

Green River Lake


Upper Green River Fishing Guides

Green River Lake

Every year we take many inquiries from people asking about the Upper Green River and I wanted to take this time to describe it i ¬†brief today. Every single person that i’ve either guided and/or shared this magical place describes it in these words ” This Is God’s Country”. and we agree! The Upper Green River flows out of the Green River Lake, which is still not damed, thankfully! It runs 170 miles to the first dam, which is Fontenelle, which i’ll talk about in another blog.


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The upper reaches are deep slow runs that have some deep pools and riffles. The fish that are in this area are migratory and are hit and miss depending on water flows, hatches and temps.

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It’s about 6 miles down river where the first tributary flows into the main river and from there the river goes through a series of fast whitewater sections with some long, slow, deep runs in between. At the forest boundary ramp it’s 18 miles to the next public take out which is in the BLM campgrounds. This section is a long slow deep meandering area where you need a full day to get through it.

This river is known for its prolific caddis, golden stone, grey drake, bwo and trico hatches. The fish count is not near that of other tail waters; the fish that live in this river are smart, voracious and spooky. You always have a legitimate chance at landing a 5 pounder each time you have your fly or lure in the water, which is why we really enjoy spending a great deal of time fishing this wonderful and special river. There are not too many undammed rivers of this caliber in the lower 48 left and we hope it stays that way for a very long time!


To book your trip on the very special piece of heaven please give us a holler @ 307.739.7020.

To be continued…….

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