Good luck and I know I will see Rhett again

Thank you, Rhett and Brian
April 20, 2017
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Good luck and I know I will see Rhett again

This was my second trip with Reel Deal Anglers, I would definitely give them 5 stars plus. Both trips were led by guides who not only knew the waters we were fishing well, but were very hard working and very pleasant. The fishing was terrific on both days and I lost count of how many fish we hooked.

On our first trip was planned at the last minute, when an injury prevented us from taking our annual backpacking fishing trip. Rhett and his team were quick to accommodate us and organized a fantastic trip. I fished with Jay and though they don’t fish, my wife and dog joined us in our boat, and had a great time.

The other boat had my two teenage sons with a great young guide, Austin. My boys were beginner fly-fishermen and their guide really worked well with them and helped them become competent fly casters. They had some luck bringing in several nice brown trout.

This trip I was able to convince my dad and lifelong fishing partner to join us to celebrate his 80th birthday. He is not as confident on the water as he once was, which I explained to Rhett and our guides Austin & Alex. They were extremely sensitive, and made the trip excellent for my dad as well as my boys. We caught some nice fish in the 20 inch range. Some even bigger ones got away, but that is what makes fishing great.

Alex is a fantastic guide. Not only is he a great fisherman in his own right, but also an excellent teacher. I learned some advanced techniques myself that I hope to employ when I’m out on my own. Austin is young and very enthusiastic. I think he will become an excellent guide with more experience. They made a great team, and both were very enjoyable to talk with for the two days we were on the water.

As our trip wound down, we ran into Rhett (owner of Reel Deal) who until then we only knew by phone and email. We had a great talk with him and he definitely selects guides who reflect his enthusiasm and passion for fishing and for customer service. I have been a catch and release fisherman for most of my 52 years and really appreciated the respect the guides had for the water and the fish.

I highly recommend Rhett and his guides to anyone interested in fly-fishing. Good luck and I know I will see Rhett again.