Upper Green River Pinedale Wyoming Fishing Report

Upper Green River Pinedale Wyoming Fishing Report


Flows at Warren Bridge; 720 CFS

The Upper Green River Pinedale Wyoming Fishing Report as of today has peaked and dropped twice over the past few weeks. The fishing has been solid when water clarity of a foot or more can be found. Horse creek is pumping a ton of mud into the system, so it is a good idea to focus efforts fishing upstream.  Shorter nymph rigs have been producing with flashy bead heads, rubber legs and worm patterns.  Target softer water, undercut banks, submerged structure, and especially the deeper seams and eddy lines.  Fishing the same water with moderate to large articulated streamers has been successful as well with respect to both size and numbers. Vary your retrieve and switch up your colors until you find what is working. Persistence will pay off!


Fontenelle Flow Update

Fontenelle Flow Update


In an effort to minimize bypass releases, another step increase from 1,600 cfs to 1,700 cfs is schedule to occur on Thursday May 14th.  Bypass releases are planned for late May or early June.  Based on the latest forecast, the May inflow is predicted to be 92% of average.  

After the final change at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday May 14, 2020, releases will remain 1,700 cfs until further notice.   






Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


Flows near Jackson: 6100 CFS


            Flows Near Jackson








The Snake River Fishing Report is RUNOFF has commenced and it’ll be high and muddy for awhile looking at the forecasted temperatures. We are looking forward to a great summer season and hope to hear from the Governor later this week about when they will relax the 14 day quarantine and re-instate the 1 and 5 day out of state fishing licenses. As soon as we get the green light on these orders we will make a post and get you scheduled for some much needed r and r on the water! By looking at the data on the graph below we’re thinking the Snake may potentially eclear around the 4th of July or soon thereafter. To book your trip of get the latest updated information please call 307-413-0669 or email; [email protected]. We will be adhering to the Teton County health department for their mandatory. protocols. We suggest you bring your own personal masks, gloves and hand sanitizer along. After your reservation is made please call us several days prior to your departure so we can check in please. For the latest please click on: https://www.jhcovid.com/news-orders.

Snake River Projected Flows








Stay safe, see you all soon and safe travels!!!



Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report

Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report



Flows at Warren Bridge: 760 CFS

Upper Green River Wyoming Flows

Flows near La Barge: 3140 CFS

La Barge Flows on the Green River

The Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report for 5.3.2020 is RUNOFF has commenced and we’re looking at having quality live water to fish guide on in approximately 5-6 week from now. The snowpack for the Upper Green River drainage is sitting at 99% of a 30 year average, which should play out for another fantastic fishing season. The fish are in excellent shape and with great water now for 4 years in a row the average sizes should be about as prolific as they can get! to book your trip or to get the latest please call 307-413-0669 or email; [email protected]


                        Water flow prediction


                     Snowpack 5.3.2020




Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report



            Remote Learning

Flows at Moose: 1510 CFS

Flows near Jackson: 2100 CFS

Reel Deal Anglers’ Snake River Fishing Report: Fishing conditions on the Snake River in Jackson Hole Wyoming continue to improve as Spring settles in and the weather warms. The best window for dry fly fishing has been between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., especially on days when the temperature climbs into the forties or above. Midges, Capnia Stones and BWOs can be encountered on any given day. Think Griffith’s gnats and Film Critics! Fish have been holding and feeding in a wide variety of water types, including riffles, pools, flats, eddies and seams. Double nymph rigs have been producing with the most consistency throughout the day, but don’t hesitate to chuck a streamer with a varied retrieve at any point. Stay safe and please respect social distancing guidelines, especially at the boat ramps. For further details about the upcoming season please call 307-413-0669 or email; [email protected].  Enjoy your time with your family!

NOTE: Currently we are NOT guiding spring trips due to our collective choice, as a company, to help avoid any unnecessary contact with others to help expedite the eradication of the Covid-19.


Fontenelle Dam Wyoming Water Update

Fontenelle Dam Wyoming Water Update


Current Status

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

As of January 7, 2020, the Fontenelle Reservoir pool elevation is 6485.81 feet, which amounts to 58 percent of live storage capacity. Inflows for the month of December totaled 36,283 acre-feet (af) or 113 percent of average. Releases remain at 1050 cfs.

The January final forecast for unregulated inflows into Fontenelle for the next three months projects near average conditions.  January, February, and March inflow volumes amount to 32,000 af (106 percent of average), 30,000 af (108 percent of average), and 48,000 af (91 percent of average), respectively.

The January water supply forecast of the April through July inflow volume into the Fontenelle Reservoir is 570,000 acre-feet (79 percent of average). Current snowpack is 105 percent of median for the Upper Green Basin.


Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Update

Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Update


Today’s Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Update comes from the Bureau of Reclamation today. Jackson Lake should end up with about 75-80% full, which means we are looking fantastic for next years season!


Reservoir Storage (Acre-Feet):

Reservoir Name

Current Storage

% Full

% of 81-10 Avg


Jackson Lake

732,182 AF



758,730 AF


952,473 AF



855,254 AF

Island Park

110,062 AF



102,235 AF


76,902 AF



75,523 AF

American Falls

578,634 AF



637,894 AF

Total System

2,550,939 AF



2,531,628 AF


Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report

Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report

                                  Nice Bow


Flows at Warren Bridge; 344 CFS

Flows near La Barge; 672 CFS

The Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report near Pinedale Wyoming is Tricos and Hoppers for the main course of dry flies with your smattering of bwos, pmds and caddis. On the hotter brighter days the hopper has been quite productive and when the bite starts to wane, put a dropper on to keep the bite rolling. The water temps have been on the rise again, but with the current forecasted temps and clouds starting to appear again, which are going to be a huge welcome! As the water flows continue to drop, the fish will start to school up in the pools, so it’s imperative to be as sneaky as humanly possible. The streamer bite has been quite productive as well and will only get better as fall approaches. Keep in mind to pick your sinking line sink rate accordingly for best results when throwing a streamer. Another favorable result of the lower water temps has resulted in lower moss and algae rates throughout the entire drainage, which is so nice not having to clean your fly off after every drift!

                     Dandy of a Brown

On many of our days on the water lately we haven’t seen a single person out, which is AMAZING to experience. Give us a call to book your fall fishing adventure and we’ll look forward to head hunting and stripping streamers for some BIG FISH!!! Just imagine yourself on the water without the crowds, golden leaves, cool temps and the prospect of a trophy trout.


To book your fall trip please email; [email protected] or call/text; 307-413-0669. Fish on and have a good one!


Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing Report

Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing Report

         Snake River Happiness


Flows at Moose: 3380 CFs

Flows South of JH: 3640 CFS

The Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing Report is STONEFLY MANIA!!!! The fish are keyed in on the stones and do yourself a favor and get out there! The flows are ideal and so are the water temps. Looking at the forecast ahead the weather looks to be nothing short of ideal. There are still caddis in the afternoon and evening and on the hot bright days the hoppers are a go to, for sure. We’ve also been seeing a lot of action on ant patterns; both carpenter and cinnamon respectively. To keep the action going throughout the day don’t hesitate adding a dropper below the hopper or stonefly.

To book your fall fishing trip please email; [email protected] or call/text 307-413-0669. Thank you and Fish On!




Snake River Jackson Wyoming Fishing Report

Snake River Jackson Wyoming Fishing Report

                   Kids’ Smiles are the BEST!!!


Flows at Moose: 3470 CFS

Flows Below JH; 4060 CFS

The latest Snake River Jackson Wyoming Fishing Report is the action has been getting better every day and the Snake River is in fine shape and setting up for a September to Remember! Look for Caddis in the mornings and PMD’s in the afternoons. The best action is found either tight to the banks, structure or in the riffles and seams. There’s been a few reports of the Claassenia stones around so foam imitations are working well. On the hot and bright sunny afternoons get your hopper tied on and use a dropper to keep the bite rolling. We are seeing a lot of interest in the power ants in both black and cinnamon bodies.

To book your trip please call 307-413-0669 or email; [email protected]. Tight Lines and get out there!!!