Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


Snake River Fishing Report and River update: Based on the most current information provided in the chart below, we’re predicting that Reel Deal Anglers will start guiding around the 15th of July. I hope everyone can appreciate that this information may and probably will change several times, if not more, as the runoff kicks into gear. There are so many factors involved in making these decisions that all we can do is mull over the most current and reliable information that’s provided by various entities of the USA government. What I can tell you is, we don’t take any trips on any river until we feel 100% confident that you will have the opportunity to have the best day possible to catch fish and have fun. Stay tuned for more details! Please call us for an up to date report or shoot us an email @ [email protected]. We’re right in the middle of the heavy booking season, so please contact soon to get your preferred slot.




Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


Here’s the latest from the Bureau of Reclamation……….


Relatively high forecasted snow accumulation above Palisades Dam in the near term on top of already high runoff volume forecasts may require additional discharge increases from Jackson Lake Dam and Palisades Dam next week for flood control purposes. Depending on how future precipitation patterns look after next week and how much precipitation actually accumulates over the next week will fine tune operational decisions in the short term. The only planned flow changes at this time are the following:

Jackson Lake Dam

· Current Discharge = 1,500 cfs. Reclamations April through July runoff volume forecast for Jackson Lake Dam is 929,000 acre-feet which is 121% of the 1981-2010 average. Current flood control targets for Jackson Lake Dam in the early May time frame are in the 600,000 acre-feet range (71% full). As April progresses flood control targets will be rechecked and adjusted based on additional precipitation and weather outlooks. The lower gates at Jackson Lake Dam will be exercised on April 24th and April 25th. On these two days outflows will rise and fall as necessary to test all the lower gates. This gate exercising is part of a regularly scheduled gate maintenance program.
· Current Storage = 656,000 ac-ft (77% full)
· Current inflow (5-day average) = 726 cfs (1981-2010 average = 600 cfs)


Fontenelle Fishing Report

Fontenelle Fishing Report


Fontenelle Reservoir is currently at 34% of full capacity, with the pool elevation at 6470.15 feet as of April 9, 2018.  Releases from Fontenelle Dam will be increased from 1,300 cfs to 1,500 cfs according to the following schedule:





Fontenelle Dam Fishing Report

Fontenelle Dam Fishing Report


The Fontenelle Dam Fishing Report on the Green River has been good lately with most of the action mid day with straight up nymphing. The days we’ve been down there it’s been a bit breezy. Therefore 0 surface activity. The typical fare of sow bugs, midges and p tails has been the ticket with not a lot on the yield but those that have been caught are all solid specimens. Below is what we received today and as the spring melt kicks in expect to see more increases to the releases as time rolls on.


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Snake River Spring Fishing Report

Snake River Spring Fishing Report

Flows at Moose: 1200 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 1700 CFS


Snake River Fishing guides

Jimmy B Getting it done on the Snake River


 Here’s our first Snake River Spring Fishing Report and a few photos from the Snake River. The action last week was very inconsistent bugs and fish activity during the few warmer days we had.  Jim and I went out 3 out of the 4 nice days, but did more walking than fishing.  Water temps are still very cold.  The fish we did hook were very slow and lethargic.  Weather is back to winter-like this week.  Next warm up we get, we will be back out there and hopefully will have a better report for you.

Fly Fishing Jackson Hole Wyoming

Brother Josh enjoying the action


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Snake River Fishing Report/Update

Snake River Fishing Report/Update

February 8, 2018

Snake River Fishing Report/Update: As of today the Upper Snake River drainage is sitting pretty at 87% with the collective snowpack at 120%. Check out the graphic below:

Pinedale Wyoming Fishing Guides

Current Wyoming Snowpack


Snake River Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing Guides

Curent Upper Snake River Water Storage

Currently the fishing on the Snake River has been very good and consistent due to the mild winter and temperatures. The Midge hatches have been prolific in the mid day hours. Look for the nymphing to be best below and in the riffles and the surface action mostly in the polls and eddy lines. When the water temps are warmer the streamer bite has been getting more consistent.

Try using gnats, parachute midges, skittering midge, bobs 5 second midge and matts midges for dries, size 18-22. Nymphs; try the zebra midge, jays sparkle midge and disco midge. Streamers; Try either a olive, black bugger or any type of small sculpin imitation.

The nymph rig we’ve been using is a 7 ft 4x leader with a pheasant tail as the point fly and the midge as the trailer. The indicator and weights should be able to be moved to compensate for the variable depths of the riffles. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REMOVE YOUR GLOVES WHEN HANDLING THE FISH! THIS ALLOWS THE FISH’S SLIME TO STAY ON THEIR BODY THEREFORE GIVING THEM A MUCH BETTER SURVIVAL RATE.

We’re currently booking the summer season for 2018 and looking forward to having you out for a day of guided fishing. Please call us @ 307-413-0669 or email [email protected].



Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report



Great news……we have plenty of water that was mostly hold over from the past year’s deluge. As of today, the Upper Snake Drainage has 87% of storage and the snowpack is currently sitting just above 100% of a 30 year average. Check out the two charts/graphs below to illustrate my reported numbers.


Snake River Fishing guides

                        Upper Snake Storage

Pinedale Wyoming fishing Guides

                    Wyoming Snowpack


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Upper Colorado River Storage Numbers

Upper Colorado River Storage Numbers


The Upper Colorado River Storage Numbers show Fontenelle Reservoir sitting at 75% of capacity, which is really solid given the time of the year!


Fontenelle Wy Fishing Guides

Upper Colorado River Storage Numbers


Upper Snake River Storage Numbers

Upper Snake River Storage Numbers

Here’s the updated information on the Upper Snake River Storage Numbers. As of today the entire system is sitting at 75% of capacity, which is fantastic for this time of the year.



Jackson Hole Wyoming Fishing guides

Upper Snake River Storage Numbers


Upper Green and New Fork River Fishing Report

Upper Green and New Fork River Fishing Report



Flows at Warren Bridge: 549 CFS

Flows at La Barge: 1680 CFS


New Fork flows:727 CFS


The Upper Green River and New Fork Fishing Report and update is there is plentiful water flows and temps which is a true blessing! Time to get your streamers going for the big boys and happy fall! We’re still guiding the rivers for at least another 3 weeks! There are also BWOS hatching and some midge too for the dry fly bite.

Upper green river wyoming fishing guides

                                 Fall Brown

New Fork River wyoming fishing guides

                    Gary had a very good day!!!!!

Pinedale wyoming fishing guides

                     Yet another nice brown!


Check out these flows and temps below, we literally went from summer to winter conditions overnight. This got the big boys recharged and the rivers are darn near void of human activity.



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