Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


Flows at Moose: 11,100 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 14,300 CFS

Once again, this Snake River Fishing Report is much more akin to a flow report. Given this info we’re still planning on getting out to guide somewhere around the middle of July.

Snake River JAckson hole Wyoming fly fishing guides

Snake River Flow Prediction

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Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


Snake River Fly fishing guides

               Snake River at South Park Bridge

Flows at Moose:15,400 CFS

Flows Below Jackson: 20,500 CFS

The current Snake River Fishing Report in Jackson Hole is more of a flow update. Here’s a short video showing the flows at the South Park Bridge IMG_9811.MOV. Check out the charts below showing the projected vs actual flows and you’ll see why it’s so complicated to project when we’re going to have quality water to guide on.

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Projected vs Actual Flows

Snake River Wyoming Fishing Guides

Current flows vs the 30 year average

Meanwhile, the flows are HUGE right now. Be careful in and around the river as it is VERY dangerous. See the flood alert below:

Severe Weather Alerts – Jackson, WY

  •  Areal Flood Watch
    Areal Flood Watch in effect until Wednesday, 6:00 AM MDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service


The Flood Watch continues for

* Portions of northwest Wyoming and west central Wyoming,
including the following areas, in northwest Wyoming, Absaroka
Mountains and Jackson Hole. In west central Wyoming, Upper
Green River Basin and Upper Green River Basin Foothills.

* Through late Tuesday night

* Accelerated snowmelt runoff due to warm afternoon mountain
temperatures will continue through Tuesday. Expect continued
sharp increases in creek and river levels Monday morning
through Tuesday afternoon.

* Along the Snake River Basin: Flooding of low lying areas is
expected on smaller creeks and streams to include Pacific Creek,
Buffalo Fork, and the Gros Ventre River. Minor flooding is also
expected along the Snake River from Moose to near Jackson Monday
morning through Tuesday evening. The flow along the Gros Ventre
River near Kelly is expected to increase to 6,000 to 6,500
cubic feet per second (cfs) by Tuesday morning. The flow along
the Snake River near Jackson is expected rise to near 25,000
cubic feet per second (cfs) by Tuesday afternoon.

Currently our best guess is that we’ll be guiding on the Snake River around mid July. Please give us a call @ 307-413-0669 or email rhett@reeldealanglers.com to get your trip booked or to get the latest and greatest information. Take care and tight lines!


Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


Flows at Moose Wyoming: 7300 CFS

Flows Below Jackson: 10,300 CFS

Snake River Fishing Report

Predicted Snake River Flows

Snake River Fishing Report: Todays report is more of a flow and runoff prediction update. As you can see from the updated flow prediction changes each week I post. This is why it’s so complicated and challenging to predict when we’re going to have quality fishing water. I’m asked this question about 20-30 times per day. By the looks of this chart, we’re still focused on starting to guide on the Snake River in mid July. Currently the Snake River is cooking and look for it to really get going in the next few weeks. the Bureau of Reclamation has said that they’re looking at boosting the flows out of the Jackson Dam to somewhere between 5000-8000 CFS. These predicted flows along with the tributaries below the dam should get the flows really high and borderline flooding, if the temperatures get too hot and cause a rapid melt. Until next time…….take care.

Snake River Fishing Report

Current Wyoming Snowpack



Snake river Fishing Report

NOAA Flood Predictions

Stay tuned as this will all change as soon as I click publish! To book your trips or to get the latest please give us a call @ 307-739-7020 or email rhett@reeldealanglers. Take care and tight lines!


Snake River Jackson Hole Fishing Report

Snake River Jackson Hole Fishing Report


Snake River Fishing Report

Predicted Snake River Flows 5/10/2017

Currently, the Snake River Jackson Hole Fishing Report is very high flows and there’s still a ton of snow to melt as you can see illustrated in the chart below. However, the Snake River is fishing good below the Dam to Pacific Creek, where is gets really muddy. The fare is nymphing in the top section and streamers as it gets slower about midway down towards the cattlemans bridge. There’s a few skwallas around and caddis are starting to get plentiful day the day along with some bwos as well.

Jackson Hole Fishing Report

Current Wyoming Snowpack 5/10/2017


Looking at the chart below, the Snake River is running 2.5 times more than the 30 year average. Based on the most current data, Reel Deal Anglers is not planning to guide on the Snake River until mid July, at the earliest.

Snake River Fishing Report

Current Snake River Flows 5/10/2017

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Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


The current Snake River Fishing Report is get ready and buckle up for the spring runoff. With the temps today getting into the upper 60’s and it won’t freeze tonight for the first time in a long time, look for the river to be completely blown out soon. After such a huge winter snowpack full of moisture, it’s time for the melt in the high country to commence.

Based of the flow predictions below we’re not planning to get out to guide on the Snake until mid to late July. Not to worry as we have a lot of other great options such as the Green and New fork rivers.

Snake River Fishing Report

                   Projected Snake River flows

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Snake River Fishing Report

Snake River Fishing Report


This was the reply today from the Bureau of Reclamation on my question for an update on the Upper Snake River Dam Operations; ” We are keeping Jackson at 3500 for awhile and also palisades steady at 18,000 cfs.”

With this being said the Snake River in the Jackson Hole area along with it’s tributaries are all running very high but are hit and miss each day with the varying spring temps. We are running trips on a day to day limited basis. To give you an idea the graph below shows the current flows, which are near 5500. the 30 year average flows are 1500 so you can see the volume of water is quite significant.

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Current Snake River Flows Below Jackson

What’s most important to remember is the flows being consistent and the water being clear enough for the fish to see the flies. This is why we’re running our operation and a day by day basis. If you’re wanting to get out this spring please give us a call @ 307-739-7020. We’re also booking for the summer season and there are some prime spots still available! Tight lines and happy spring!


Snake River


Snake River Fishing Report


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We have WATER!!!!

The Snake River Fishing Report for now is; get ready to see the flows start to increase out of the Jackson Dam. Maybe as early as next week. The Bureau of Reclamation has already started moving water downstream and most likely this will continue for awhile. The Snowpack for the Upper Snake River is sitting at 156% currently and the Snake River system is 70% full, which is significant.

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Upper Snake River Teacup Diagram

The fishing/catching on the Snake River has been spotty at best with a very limited window coming in the mid afternoon hours. We’ve seen a few fish taking midge emergers in the back waters in the slow, deep pools right in the foam line. Keep in mind the water temps are still very cold so the fish are still lethargic most of the time. As conditions change we will be updating them on a more frequent basis as we draw nearer to our summer season.

We still have prime spots available so please give us a call @ 307-413-0669. Take care and tight lines!


Snake River Fishing Report


Snake River Fishing Report

Jackson Hole Fishing guides

Brian Chamberland getting his client on a dandy

Flows at Moose: 3680 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3170 CFS

The Snake River Fishing Report today is we are feeling very fortunate to have good water(temps and flows) for the current fall like conditions. We’ve gone from an early morning start to a mid morning start due to the lower water temps. The best dry fly action has been from around 10am until about 4pm. Adding a dropper in the early am can help get the bite rolling and we’re still seeing a few caddis and pmds but the main course for the dry action is the Snake Drake, Tricos, Stoneflys, Ants and some hoppers too in the warmer afternoons.

fly fishing guides jackson hole

First day fly fishing success

Check out the water temp graph below which illustrates the past 60 days on the Snake River. You can easily see the days when the water got above 65 and now they’re barley getting above 60, which is ideal!

Snake River Fishing Guides

July and August Water Temps

With these cooler temps come great hatches and fish that are feisty and active. The hordes of crowds have dissipated as well, so the fall fishing is setting up to be nothing short of spectacular. We still have some availability, especially in the first week of September, so please give us a shout to book your fall fishing trips @ 307-739-7020! Thank you and tight lines!


Snake River


Snake River Fishing Report


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                      Shiny Happy People


Flows at Moose: 3220 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3340 CFS

The Snake River is in fine form and fishing well. On the cooler mornings the action might be delayed until the sun warms up the water a bit and if the day is really warm and sunny, then it’s likely the water will hit the high 60’s so please, stop fishing if that’s the case. Today we saw a few hecubas, which the fish seemed to be quite focused on all day long. There are also pmds, caddis and of course hoppers too. Everything has been early this season so be ready for anything to happen on any given day. The forecasts look to have the evening temps drop, which will only make the fishing better!!

Jackson hole Fishing guides

                 This past week’s water temps

We are currently booking into October so please give us a call @ 307-739-7020 to book your trip or just to catch up on the latest report from the river. 




Snake River Fishing Report


Flows at Moose:3380 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3360 CFS

The Snake River Fishing Report from yesterday is we’re gaining on it! The temperatures are cooling off, THANKFULLY! Hopefully the trend will continue. The dry fly bite is still really good during the mid day and look for the terrestrials in the afternoons during the hottest part of the day. A dry/dropper in the early am is sure to get your day off to a good start.

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Snake River Temps

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Snake River Fishing Report


Flows at Moose: 3490 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3950 CFS


Snake River Fly Fishing Guides

Atta Girl!!!!

The latest Snake River Fishing Report is get up early and git ‘er done! The waters have been warming up in the afternoon, so we’ve been getting our clients on the water by 7;30am and off by 3pm ish. Once the water nears 70 degrees, the fishes metabolism gets stressed and the survivability rate drops significantly during every catch and release. Trout survive best at a temperature around 60F, so you can see the temps on the chart below from the past week and why we fish when and how we do. The storms that rolled through this afternoon really helped cool off the water, thankfully! PMD’s, caddies and yellow sallies are the fare throughout most of the day and when the hatches slow down, it’s time to break out the foam and hoppers! If it’s really slow, then add a dropper several feet off of the back of the big bugs.


Jackson hole fly fishing Guides

Snake River Water Temp Report

Please give us a call @ 307-739-702o to check in to see what the latest Snake River Fishing Report is from the river and/or to book your trip. Keep them lines tight!








Snake River Fishing Report


Snake River Fishing Report

Flows at Moose: 3660 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 4350 CFS

Snake River Fly fishing Guides

                                  Atta boy

The latest Snake River Fishing Report is the hoppers are starting to come out which is bringing the larger fish to the surface! We’re seeing yellow sallies and pmds as well. Fish are concentrated in the head of the riffles, seams and tucked in near the structure. If you’re willing to get out of the boat and walk down side channels you only increase your chance at a really nice fish. The fish are really eating the foam as the afternoon temps heat up and the best action on the surface has been from around 8am-2pm. We’re trying to get our clients on the water by 7;45am at the very latest.

Jackson Wyoming Fishing Guides

                                 Nice on Nick!

Give up a call to book your trip @ 307-739-7020! Tight lines and enjoy!!


Snake River Fishing Report


Snake River Fishing Report

Flows at Moose: 4010 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 4650 CFS

Jackson nHole Fly fishing Trips

Nice Cuttie! Ain’t life grand.

The Snake River Fishing Report for Jackson hole Wyoming is that its getting into its prime now. The larger fish are recovered from the spawn and are moving back into the main stem of the river. They are starting to fill in on the banks throughout the river and are aggressively taking the dry flys. We’re seeing pmds, yellow sallies, small stones and a few caddis later in the afternoon/evening. The bigger fish are taking the various foam patterns as well. The cast that’s closest to the bank is the winner and keep your fly in the foam, as we all know; FOAM IS HOME! Expect a change in the hatch times as this upcoming front rolls through and as the week warms up the hatches should return to the “normal” hours. On the hot and sunny days the bite has been best from mid morning until mid afternoon then taking a hiatus until the late evening. When the bite slows down on the dry fly try putting on a dropper or stripping a streamer.

To book your summer fishing adventure on the Snake River please give us a call @ 307-739-7020. Take care and tight lines!


Snake River


Snake River Fishing Report

The Snake River Fishing Report for Jackson Hole Wyoming is fishing season is right around the corner! Based on what we know, collectively, we will start guiding clients on the Snake for sure starting 6/27 but we might several days prior, based on what happens over the next few days. Here’s the latest in the article in todays JH News and Guide. Please give us a call @ 307-739-7020 to book your trip.

Snake levels plunge

Releases from Jackson Lake Dam have dropped to near their long-term summer levels and tributaries are easing up, too, a combination that bodes well for anglers feeling the itch.

Snake River levels at South Park have dropped by a third in the last five days to about 7,500 cubic feet per second, and flows that ran turbid not long ago are beginning to show signs of clearing. Fishing guides in the community say the Snake is on the cusp of being in prime condition.

“It’s still a little high, a little quick and a little off color, but people are catching fish,” Westbank Anglers owner Baker Salsbury said. “So, go for it.”

Elsewhere, like on the Snake’s South Fork past Palisades Reservoir and on select streams in the Jackson Hole area, the waters are already clear and the bite plenty strong, he said.

Between Monday and Tuesday the Bureau of Reclamation cut the release rate at Jackson Lake from 3,250 to 2,600 cfs. The quickly diminishing snowpack and reduction in runoff prompted the change, Upper Snake Water Operations Manager Mike Beus said.

“Inflow fell off dramatically the end of last week, so we had to follow it,” Beus said. “Otherwise we’d be moving water downstream that we don’t want downstream yet — water that we’d rather float on in August.”

The near-average snowpack disappeared quicker than expected this spring. By last week significant snowfields were gone atop Togwotee Pass, which is about as high of horizontal ground as you find in the watershed, and levels on rivers like the Buffalo Fork are no longer responding to the heat, Beus said.

One implication of the heat and depleted snow is that Jackson Lake is now forecast to not fill completely, though it was 96 percent of capacity Thursday. Beus said he expects Jackson Lake to be 50 percent full by summer’s end instead of the 70 percent he anticipated a month ago.

“Somewhere in the range of 2,400 to 2,600 [cfs] — and 2,600 is where we are — is where we want to stay for the long haul,” Beus said. “I’m guessing that we’re already at flows that will be acceptable for fishing once the tributaries calm down.”

Typically it’s the first week of October when the Bureau of Reclamation transitions to a much-lower winter flow rate.


Snake River


Snake River Fishing Report

Flows at Moose: 6230 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 8610 CFS

The Snake River flows are receding now based on the dam flows being reduced and the cooler temps this week. As of now, we’re thinking that the Snake River will be quality fishing towards the end of the month. To book your trip please call us @ 307-739-7020 and we’ll look forward to getting you out on the water for a great day of fishing! The following is the most up to date information we have to base our decision on. As you can see by the graphs the flows are pretty darn close to the 30 year average. The water supply looks great for the rest of the season!

Jackson Hole Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

Snake River Flows below Jackson

Snake River Fly fishing guides Jackson Hole Wyoming

Snake River Flows at Moose Wyoming

Bureau of Reclamation info released today: “Jackson Lake inflow decreased by more than 1,500 cfs since last Thursday when the temperature was hot.

We reduced flow below the dam from 3,200 cfs to 2,800 cfs yesterday.

Today we will reduce flow to 2,600 cfs.”

The snowpack in the tribs that feed the Snake River in the north end of the valley are running out of steam so the next week will be telling once the temps heat back up.

Fly fishing guides Jackson hole wyoming

Buffalo Fork Flows


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 8230 CFS

Snake River Fishing Guides

Snake River Flows









Fly fishing guides jackson wyoming











Flows below Jackson: 9899 CFS

Snake River Fly fishing Guides

Snake River flows










Jackson Hole fly fishing Guides

Snake River




The Snake River in the Jackson Hole area has officially started run off stages. With a boost from the Bureau of Reclamation, the flows are now starting to get close to the 30 year average. The Pacific Creek drainage is running out of steam already due to the earlier heat waves and the Buffalo River is still running pretty close to average flows. We’re currently experiencing another heat wave, which is forecasted through the end of the week. At this point, given the Bureau of Reclamations plans to slow the flows down out of the Jackson Dam and the natural indicators, we’re thinking the Snake River should be fishable towards the end of June. Just in case it’s not, we still have several other options for quality fishing. Give us a shout to book your trip(s) @ 307-739-7020. We look forward to sharing the great waters of Western Wyoming.



Snake River


Flows at Moose: 3880 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 5710 CFS

So far, this season has been yet another challenging year to predict the runoff on the Snake River.  As I was told from the Bureau of Reclamation last week; “it’s not drastically dry, it’s just drastically early.” With that being said, we’ve had much cooler temps lately, with a lot of rain/sleet/snow and hail. The temps have helped preserve the snowpack too, which is an added bonus. If the flows remain consistent with the prediction shown below, we are planning to start our guide operations on the Snake River around the last week of June. Barring any crazy rain storms, the flows look quite favorable for quality fishing throughout the summer and fall season on the Snake River.

Snake River Fly fishing guides

Snake River Predicted Flows 5.23.16

Please give us a call to book your trip on the Snake River or to get the latest report @ 307-739-7020. Thank you and tight lines!


Snake River


Below is a piece on the current Snake River flows from the Upper Snake River Basin water manager, Mike Beus as published in the Jackson Hole Daily by Mike Koshmrl.

Based on this current plan Reel Deal is planning to start guiding on the Snake River around the 25th of June, if conditions are favorable to a quality fishing experience.

Jackson Lake releases to rise soon
By Mike Koshmrl Jackson Hole Daily |

Snowmelt is flowing into Jackson Lake at a slow and steady rate and is on pace to reach the reservoir’s brims by the second week of June.
At that time Bureau of Reclamation managers figure they will “ramp up quickly” the dam release rate into the Snake River to 5,000 cubic feet of water per second.

“We’ll then start ratcheting down to 3,000 for the duration of the summer,” Upper Snake Basin water operations manager Mike Beus said Monday.
Beus and colleagues will present an in-depth forecast of their 2016 plans for Jackson Lake, which drive flows on the Snake, at a meeting to be held Thursday in Jackson. It’s happening at 6 p.m. at the Antler Inn conference room.

Although Jackson Hole had a near-normal snowpack this winter, raging rivers this spring are an unlikely result. “If it warms up quickly, our inflow will peak quickly,” Beus said. “If it doesn’t warm up, our peak inflow may have been last week,” Beus said. “Total volume is going to be 90 percent [of normal],” he said, “but we melted it so early and the remainder will be so strung out that we won’t really see any high flows.”
In Beus’ view the Snake is headed for a pretty typical rate of flow this summer. Average releases at the dam are “2,600 or 2800” cfs from July through mid-September — a bit below his forecast for 3,000 cfs. Jackson Lake, about 86 percent full early this week, is expected to reach its limits by about June 10. Downstream at the Idaho-Wyoming state line, Palisades Reservoir was at 79 percent of its capacity.
The snowpack in eastern Idaho melted off extraordinarily early, Beus said. But, he added, it’s been rainy enough that agriculture doesn’t figure to have much early season impact on the Snake’s flows in Jackson Hole. “It’s been relatively wet down here,” he said, “ and so irrigation demand came on rather slowly.”
Water from Jackson Lake is earmarked for irrigation in eastern Idaho. Needs of farmers and the rafting and fishing businesses closer to Jackson sometimes conflict about when and how much water should be released from the dam.

Contact Mike Koshmrl at 732-7067 or environmental@jhnewsandguide.com.


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 4790 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 6630 CFS


So far this spring and runoff season on the Snake River has been a roller coaster ride. We have snow predicted tonight which should slow down the melt for a few days. The snowpack is currently sitting at 66% which is pretty low for this time of the year. The rain we had over the weekend helped accelerate the melt, which is a double edged sword. But there’s not much you can do but sit back and see what happens.

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              Wyoming Snowpack 5/9/2016

Below shows the long range forecast for the Snake River which shows the flows not getting over 10, 000 cfs. If this prediction works out I would imagine the fishing will be happening in early July.


Fly fishing Guides Jackson Hole Wyoming

                   Runoff Prediction 5/9-9/6


Looking at the chart below you can see the two warm up periods we’ve seen so far causing approximately a 10% snowpack depletion for each spell. When the Bureau of Recalmation meets here in several weeks we will see what their plan is for the Jackson Dam operations


Snake River Fly Fishing guides

                   Snake River flows

Please give us a call to book trip or just to get the latest on the runoff conditions @ 307-739-7020.


Snake River

Snake River Fishing Report


Flows at Moose: 918 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 1330 Cfs

Water temps in the mid 40’s around 3pm

Snake River Fly Fishing Guides

               A Healthy Snake River Cutthroat

The Snake River has really turned on the over the past few days! We are now offering our float trips, which is the best way to enjoy the spring action. Our trips are from 10am to 5pm and are $450 which includes; rods/reels, waders, lunch, non-alcoholic beverages, flies and leaders. Excludes: Wyoming License and gratuity, if you feel so inclined.

The best action is in the afternoon, as the water temps warm up. We’re seeing midges, winter stones and a few bwos too. The larger fish are in the deep pools in the back water sipping the emergers. Be mindful of your false casting as these fish are super spooky. When nymphing, the best action is right below the riffles, at the drop off so you don’t need more leader length than the depth you’re fishing. We recommend using floro when fishing sub surface. For the dry fly set up 5x with 8-9ft is key. The dry dropper combo has been really consistent as well. After the bite on the surface slows down slowly stripping a streamer can produce a few fish as well.

Fly fishing Jackson Hole Wyoming

                             One happy fella

The spring fishing conditions are really quite volatile and can change very quickly so we understand if it’s necessary to change dates or cancel. We have no cancellation policy and are very flexible. Case in point, I just looked up the weather report just now and here’s what it says:











Snake River


Flows at Moose: 918 CFS

Flows Below Jackson: 1330 CFS

Water temps in the mid 40’s

Snake River Fly fishing guides

                   Snake River Cuttie 3/4/2016

The bite on the Snake River over the past several days has really been sporadic due to the fluctuating temps and cloud cover/sunshine. But, when its on, it’s really been on and when its off, well, it’s off. Typical late winter/spring conditions. Look for the midge bite to be good mid to late afternoon and the bwo’s have been popping too late afternoon on the cloudy days. The streamer bite is becoming more consistent too as we get closer to the spring cycles. Look for the action to be in the pools, seams, just below the riffles and back eddy’s, where the bigger fish are sipping ever so subtle.

Snake River Fishing Guides



Jackson Hole Fishing Guides



Jackson Wyoming Fishing guides

                             Happy Client     


Fly Fishing Guides Jackson Wyoming



Please call us @ 307-739-7020 to book your trips!


Snake River

Snake River Fishing Report

Guided fly fishing in jackson hole

                               Tom’s on a roll!


Flows at Moose: 946 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 1360 CFS

We’re seeing the air temperatures well above freezing these past few days, which is causing the valley floor snowpack to melt, therefore warming up the main stem of the Snake River. Late afternoon is when the water temps max out so the Midge bite has been best from mid day to late afternoon. The dry fly action has been spotty due to the high winds but there’s some pocket action where the bugs are sheltered and the bugs and fish have been just below the riffles and in the seam lines too. The regional forecast has a winter storm watch for late Wednesday through Thursday so we’ll see how that plays out. All in all, the bite has been getting better and much more consistent lately, but please keep in mind we’re still in the winter mode generally speaking.

We’re currently booking late winter trips and spring trips on the Snake River, Salt River and below Fontenelle Reservoir on the Green River. We’re also booking our summer season as well so give us a call at 307-739-7020.



Snake River

Snake River Fishing Report

Based on this information below from the Bureau of Reclamation, starting Monday October 5th, RDA will be taking trips elsewhere until Monday, October 12th. This should give the fish sufficient time to settle into their new winter pools. We are currently booking trips through the end of October.

The planned schedule for flow changes on the Snake River below the dam follows:

Thursday, October 1, reduce flow to 1,500 cfs

Friday, October 2, reduce flow to 1,200 cfs

No change on Saturday or Sunday

Monday, October 5, reduce flow to 950 cfs

Tuesday, October 6, reduce flow to 700 cfs

Wednesday, October 7, reduce flow to 500 cfs

Thursday, October 8, reduce flow to 380 cfs

The flow until the initial change tomorrow is about 1,800 cfs. After reaching 380 cfs next week, no more changes are expected until next spring. Daily changes will be staged in two or more steps. 


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 2710 CFS

Flows Below Jackson: 3370 CFS

It’s time to get out and enjoy the splendors of fall on the Snake River! These are the days we all hope and dream about and the weather is ideal and the forecast is solid for the next 5-6 days. After last weeks deluge the Snake River and all of the tributaries have all cleared up and are fishing very well! If you’re wanting to experience the Snake River in its prime, now is the time! The crowds have disappeared, the large trout are eating dries and the fall colors are nearing their peak as well! The dry fly bite has been after mid day continuing until mid to late afternoon. The trout are keyed in on the mahoganies, blue wings, a few pmd’s, caddis and believe it or not hoppers too.In the mid morning and late afternoon the streamer bite is getting rock solid too! Check out the river temps from the past week on the chart below. It’s been a wild type of season with both the surface and water temperatures fluctuating all over the place.

Fly Fishing guides Jackson Hole Wyoming

Snake River Water Temps


Snake River JAckson Hole Wyoming Fly fishing guides

What a beauty!!!





Snake River


Flows at Moose: 2617 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3210 CFS

The Snake River got some color in it today from the rains that came through over the past day or so but is clearing up once again. Yesterday was cool, cloudy and windy in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon which produced a nice hatch of drakes and mahoganies. Last night the lows got into the high 20’s and will be near there again tonight. Check out the water temperature graph below.

Jackson Hole Snake River Fly Fishing guides

Snake River Water Temps

We’re still seeing hecubas on the cooler and cloudier days and the fall stones are still around too. The fish are mostly keying in on the drakes and smaller mayflys currently when its cooler and the bite has been from mid to late morning to mid to late afternoon depending on the cloud cover. The side channels are producing some really nice sized fish as illustrated by the pic below from yesterday.

Jackson Hole Fly fishing Guides

Atta boy Bill!!!


September is a great time to be out fishing on the Snake River and if you’re looking for a guided trip we still have a few slots left to get out with one of our professional guides. Please call us @ 307-739-7020 to reserve your trip today!




Snake River

8.28. 2015

Flows at Moose: 2610 cfs

Flows below Jackson: 3120 cfs

The Snake River has been fishing very well with the bite being on hecubas and fall stones mostly the past few days.Thursday was rainy and overcast and the hecuba hatch was quite prolific and the fish were chowing them.

Snake River Jackson Hole Fly fishing guides


Friday there was overcast until mid day and the fall stones were the fly de jour.

Fly fishing Jackson Hole

Fall stone


The water temperature graph illustrates the changing temps below. Heck, it was almost 90 on Wednesday and Monday-Wednesday the morning temps hovered around freezing.

Snake River Fy Fishing guides Jackson Wyoming

Snake River water temperatures this week

With the varying temperatures be ready to fish a variety of methods and places in the rivers. The dry fly bite has best been around mid day until mid to late afternoon, depending on the day. In the morning adding a dropper can increase your action as can fishing a streamer pattern. The tighter your fly is to the bank yields the better fish every time! The hecubas are mostly popping in the riffles, seams and pools along the foam line and the stones are near the banks, near structure.


Snake River Fishing Guides Jackson Wyoming

Fall is soon approaching so get out and enjoy! We are booking into October so give us a call to reserve your trip today! Our reservation line is 307-739-7020. Take care!!!




Snake River


Flows at Moose: 2650 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3130 CFS

The Snake River overall has been fishing consistently well and  the flows have been very steady, just above 3,000 cfs for a while now on the lower end, and the fish are responding very well to the consistency. The milder temperatures as of late have helped water temperatures cool down and there is actually a little foliage that is starting to change colors in the high country and even around the river corridor in places. The graph below shows the varying water temperatures the over the past 19 days.

Snake River Jackson Wyoming Fishing Guides

Snake River Water Temps 8/1-19 2015



We’ve have seen that the cloudy / overcast / even rainy days have really benefited the fishing as those are the days when we’re seeing the most big fish. On the hotter / bright / sunny days the fish can be somewhat particular and expect to see some refusals here and there.

We have been trying to stick to fishing dry flies mainly, but that is not to say that fish will not eat nymphs. The dry flies that have been producing the most fish for us recently are : Fall stone imitations, (tan water walkers, etc) Dave’s Hopper, Yellow/Red Humpy, Chernobyl Ant, Green River Flying Ant, Cinnamon Ants , small beetle patterns, Mahoganies,  Parachute Hare’s Ear, Parachute Adams, and a Parachute Pheasant Tail. Heck we’ve even seen a few hecubas as well.

When a nymph is needed we typically fish a Hopper/Dropper or Chubby/Dropper on slower moving banks and I like to fish a double nymph rig in the riffles, drop offs, and deeper holes. Pat’s Rubber Legs, Copper Johns, and Pheasant Tails have been very consistent.

The streamer bite has been getting better too and the patterns we have had the best luck are: Green Beldar Bugger, motos minnow, trash can, Galloups sex dungeons.


To book your fall fishing trip on the Snake River please call 307-739-7020 and get out there and have some fun!


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 2800 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3510 CFS

This past week was a little bit of everything on the Snake River in terms of flies; we saw the bite most consistent on flying Ants, both cinnamon and black, but mostly cinnamon for the dry fly action. There are also fall stones out and about and the fish are definitely eating the big bugs! In the cooler morning putting a dropper on below the big bug has been quite productive as well. Swinging and stripping a streamer has been very productive as well throughout the day.


JAckson Hole Wyoming Fly fishing guiodes

Great job!

This past week was yet another wild week of weather and fluctuating temperatures both in the water and air. I’ve included this in the report as it is hugely important factor b/c the temperatures have a profound effect on the aquatic insect lifecycle, which affects the feeding pattern of the fish. For a deeper explanation on this please click on the link: http://sciencefairwater.com/physical-water-quality-parameters/water-temperature/water-temperature-ranges-in-rivers-and-streams/. The chart below shows the water temperatures from the past few days on the Snake River in Moose Wyoming. When the temps are consistent we find the hatches to be most consistent therefore the trout feed is too.

Snake River Fly fishing guides

Snake River Temperatures 8/2-8/9 2015


We have lots of great fishing options to share with you, so please give us a call to book your trip today! Our number is 307-739-7020. Thank you and enjoy your summer!



Snake River


Flows at Moose: 3110 CFS

Flows Below Jackson: 3750 CFS

The fishing conditions for the Snake River in Jackson Wyoming are sitting pretty for the rest of the season. All of the necessary ingredients are in place for stellar conditions. The Jackson Reservoir is currently at 87% (See chart below) full so not only do we have plenty of water for the remainder of the season we should have great winter flows too!


Snake River Jackson Wyoming Fishing guides

Upper Snake System

The wild fluctuations in our weather have definitely created some challenges but all in all the fishing/catching has remained consistent and productive. After this mornings low of 30 the August temps forecasted look to be average throughout the month of August, which will help the bite and hatches remain consistent. We are really fortunate to have such ample supply of water along with great temperatures, both water and air too.

Jackson Hole FLy Fishing guides

Snake River Water Temps

We are looking forward to getting you and your family or friends out on the Snake River, so please give us a call to book your trip and get ready for an experience of a lifetime @ 307-739-7020.


Snake River Fly Fishing Trips

The Lothrop Family








Snake River


Flows at Moose: 3240 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 3860 CFS

The Snake River is getting better every day and we’re starting to see some of the larger fish starting to re-appear in the main stem now that the flows on the tributaries are ramping down. Getting your fly close to the structure and seam lines are producing the best yield. Caddis and pmd hatches are still the main focus and on the warmer afternoons the terrestrial bite is most prolific. The water temps are fluctuating between the mid 50’s in the morning to the mid 60’s in the afternoons and this is why the bite is best in the afternoons. When it’s really warm and sunny and the bite slows down during the afternoon, don’t hesitate to tie on a dropper on that hopper! We’re seeing some fall stone shucks on the rocks already, which is really early. It seems as though we’re setting up for an early fall and the fishing conditions will get even better!


Snake River


Flows at Moose WY: 4150 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 5080 CFS

The Snake River is getting into its prime now, especially in the morning hours. With the current heat spell, the fishing slows down in the afternoons aroud 1-2pm and picks back up in the twilight hours. There are zillions of yellow sallies, lots of pmds and caddis too and every day the quality of the action gets better and better. During the afternoon drop a bead head off of an attractor and you’ll be back into the action. As always the 4th of July weekend will be a zoo but keep in mind the early bird gets the fish!


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 7540 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 9380 CFS

The flows are dropping steadily on the Snake River with help from the decreasing flows at the Jackson Dam as well as the snowpack diminishing as well. (See explanation below)

“I hope that all of you were expecting us to reduce discharge today and this late notification doesn’t cause any problems. We have reduced discharge by 500 cfs to 3,000 cfs. The change was divided between 11:00 am and  1:00 pm.

Tomorrow, we will repeat a 500 cfs change to 2,500 cfs total flow below the dam. Changes will be made at the same times.”

Michael W. Beus Water Operations Manager, Upper Snake Field Office, Bureau of Reclamation

With these reduced flows and the decreased snowpack we’re anticipating improved fishing conditions on the Snake River over the next week. As they do we will update the report. We are now accepting reservations for our Snake River guided fishing trips on 6/24/2105. To book your trip please call 307.739.7020.


Snake River


Based on the news below concerning the flows from the Jackson Dam, we might be guiding on the Snake River in the very near future if the tribs will stop contributing off color water.

Jackson Lake inflow has been below 3,500 cfs since last Thursday, the Lake is down 10,000 acre feet (0.4 vertical feet) from its maximum on June 1, and it is time to reduce the discharge. We will reduce the discharge from 4,500 cfs in two steps at 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm today to 4,000 cfs. Tomorrow, we will reduce from 4,000 cfs to 3,500 cfs in two steps at 7:30 am and 11:00 am. Since Palisades is 94% full we no longer expect to need as much water from Jackson Lake to meet irrigation demand this season as was projected in early May. We will watch inflows for several more days before making additional changes.


Snake River


Flows at Moose Wy: 8670 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 11,500 CFS

Jackson Hole Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

Snake River Storage @ 88%


The Snake River in Jackson Wyoming is now in full runoff mode and we’re not anticipating the water being suitable to good fishing for at least another several weeks. According to the latest from the Bureau of Reclamation the flows out of the Jackson Dam will be reduced much earlier than predicted due to the reduced irrigation demand in Idaho. The amount of precipitation the region has received is really impressive and we are all rejoicing considering the fact on how mild the past winter was! We’ll see how the snowmelt plays out from the Teton Wilderness and the Gros Ventre’s over the next week or so to get a more accurate assessment on when the Snake River fishing season will start here in Jackson Hole.

In the meantime we are offering guided trips on the Upper Green River where the fishing has been as good as ever! It’s a great way to see just exactly the opposite of crowds that you’ll experience in Yellowstone!

Please give us a call to book your trip of a lifetime @ 307.739.7020


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 3320 and rising

Flows below Jackson: 4590 and rising

Well we lost 30% of the snowpack in 3 weeks and now were seeing the rivers try and clear, for the moment. With the cooler temps lately and all of the rain its been a wild ride so far. Here’s whats happening now to the flows which will now make fishing/catching a reel challenge for awhile The Snake River in Jackson Wyoming is now experiencing runoff, again. this time it’s due to the new releases from the Jackson Dam. See the graph below.


Snake River Fly Fishing Guides


Below is the explanation from the Bureau of Reclamation for the Snake River Jackson Wyoming:

“Cool weather has slowed inflow to Jackson Lake and we are still on track to fill before Tuesday, May 25. To delay the fill into next week we will increase discharge from 590 cfs to 1,800 cfs on Thursday, May 21. The changes will be staged in three increments at 3 hours intervals from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm with 4:00 pm reserved to make small corrections as necessary.

Once the Lake fills, inflow must be passed to avoid storing above Lake capacity. With snow depleted at all but the highest elevations inflow is not expected to exceed 4,000 cfs. Inflow should rebound as temperatures rise and if it reaches 4,000 cfs, we will not subsequently reduce flow below 4,000 cfs until late in June or later.”

What does this mean? Based on this information we’re not planning to be guiding on the Snake until late June or early July.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing guides

To book your trip for the summer season please call 307.739.7020

Edit this entry.



Snake River


Flows at Moose: 2540

Flows below Jackson: 3480

The Snake River is not as muddy as it’s been from the past week,  but, with the forecasted high of 69 on Wednesday you can be assured it will be full on muddy and high once again. In the meantime, while the runoff does its thing, we have several quality options to fish for those who are around in May and want to get out.


Wyoming Fly fishing Guides

Spring Creek Action

Here’s our latest plan for May:

Full day trip to the spring creeks in Afton.: Leave JH at 8:30am and return late afternoon. The  trip price is $450 plus $100 rod fee per person. Trip price includes rods/reels, waders, lunch, flies/leaders etc.

Half day wade trip to the Lower Flat Creek in the afternoons for $250. Trip price includes rods/reels, waders, lunch, flies/leaders etc.

Fontenelle: Full day trip meeting at the Daniel store at 7:30 am and returning by 6:30pm. Trip price is $575. Trip price includes rods/reels, waders, lunch, flies/leaders etc.

Any questions, comments or concerns please let me know @ 307.739.7020

Thank you!





Snake River


Flows at Moose: 2000 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 2800 CFS

Water temps: lowers 40’s in the am to around 50 in the afternoon


The Snake River has gotten off color the past few days due to the warm spell we’re currently experiencing. The skwalla action was just getting started and the riffles were full of bwos ready to pop. Darn the luck. This is why its so difficult to predict spring fishing; the temps and snowpack change so dramatically year to year, its really a day to day situation. The river might get back into shape, hopefully, but not unless it cools off. Here’s a few pics from some action over the weekend.

Snake River Fly Fishing Guides

Cuttie slab


Snake River Fly Fishing guides

One happy client


Fly fishing Jackson Hole




Jackson Hole Fly fishing guides



Our summer season is booking up solid so please give us a call to reserve your slot today or just to check in as well. Our number is 307.739.7020. Thank you!



Snake River


Flows at Moose: 1210 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 1790 CFS

Water temps: mid to high 30s in the am to low 40’s in the afternoon

The Snake River in Jackson Hole has been pretty vacant the past few days due to the storms that have been passing through, which brought some really nice moisture. The Upper Snake snowpack has inched back up to 91%, which is great, considering the Upper Snake Reservoir System is 85% full right now! Starting Friday, look for the midge hatches to really start firing off again in the mid to late afternoons.We’re hoping for some more BWO’s to show up as well. Looking at the 10 day forecast, the temps look to be below freezing every night and only getting a few days in the low 50’s. With this forecast in mind look for the afternoon to be the best action overall.

Snake River JAckson Hole Fly Fishing guides

Jake’s Football

Nymphing is still your best bet for consistent action but this weekend’s warmer temps we might get some dry fly action too. The fish are sure to be in the heads of the riffles, right where the depth drops off during the feed along with the inner foam lines too.

Our most consistent flies are:

Point fly: # 14-16 soft hackle pheasant tail or hare’s ear, copper john, black magic

Trailer fly: # 18-20 Allen’s mighty midge, zebra midge, drowning midge or a san juan worm in red or orange

Dry Flies: #18-20 Marvelous Midge emergers, high vis Griffith’s nat, spent midge, skittering midge or Bobs 5 second midge

Streamers: #4-8 white zonker, green weenies, white sex dungeon or a green beldar bugger


For our spring specials we’re offering a half day float for $375 from noon to 5pm or a 3/4 day for $450 from 10am to 5pm. To book your trip please call 307.739.7020.


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 1230 CFS

Flows below Flat Creek: 1830 CFS

Water temps: high 30’s to low 40’s in the morning and high 40’s to low 50’s in the late afternoon.

Snake River Fly Fishing Guides

Spring Cutty

Spring has sprung, in a huge way on the Snake River! March Madness is fully upon us in every sense of the phrase; Hoops, above average temps and killer fishing! The past few days have been absolutely fantastic action with short sleeve weather to boot. The midges and winter stones are still the flavor de jour, but don’t count the blue winged olives out either as they’re getting more prolific every day. The action has been best from 11am until mid to late afternoon. The fish are still in the typical spots along the seams and rip lines(where the currents meet) and foam lines as well. Look for the fish to be feeding in the middle areas of the pools in mid afternoon and towards the tail outs where the spent midges are. The dry fly action has been best in mid to late afternoon and the nymphing and streamer action have been good most of the day.

Our most consistent flies are:

Point fly: # 14-16 soft hackle pheasant tail or hare’s ear, copper john, black magic

Trailer fly: # 18-20 Allen’s mighty midge, zebra midge, drowning midge or a san juan worm in red or orange

Dry Flies: #18-20 Marvelous Midge emergers, high vis Griffith’s nat, spent midge or Bobs 5 second midge

Streamers: #4-8 white zonker, green weenies, flash a bugger or a green beldar bugger



Snake River Fishing Report 3.7.2015

Water Flows at Moose: 1000

Below Flat Creek: 1430

Temp range from 37 mid day to low 40’s late afternoon

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing guides

Snake River Cuttie

Spring has started earlier this season and the fishing/catching on the Snake River is getting better every day. Yesterday there were a few pools with trout rising in the afternoon to sip midges and the winter black stones.  With the warming trend forecasted over the next few weeks it should be really good and consistent. Heck, I’m thinking we will see Blue Winged Olives in the very near future!

The best action is in the mid to late afternoon and the fish are mostly still stacked up in the riffles and have been in the tailouts, seams and along the foam line. Nymphing is by far the most productive method with a 9 ft 4x set up with BB split shot about 8-10 inches above the point fly and the strike indicator about 6 inches below the leader connection.

Our most consistent flies are:

Point fly: # 14-16 soft hackle pheasant tail or hare’s ear, copper john, black magic

Trailer fly: # 18-20 Allen’s mighty midge, zebra midge, drowning midge or a san juan worm in red or orange

Dry Flies: #18-20 Marvelous Midge emergers, high vis Griffith’s nat or Bobs 5 second midge

Streamers: #4-8 white zonker, green weenies, flash a bugger


We’re currently offering wade trips and will start our float trips on March 16th.



Wyoming Snow and Water Forecasts and Winter Predictions

Wyoming Snow and Water Forecasts and Winter Predictions


Trying to predict the current winter snowfall and next season’s water supply is a very tricky and unpredictable process. Conditions are ever changing, especially in the mountains.  We rely on a plethora of scientific data that’s available to us via the internet such as these websites:








These sites have an amazing amount of useful data but it often comes down to late spring time before we really have abetter idea of which drainages will be fishing at which time and their prospective flows. Noting that this past August was cold and rainy, which was really odd for the high desert we call home. It is worth noting that after this past year’s moisture collectively Wyoming is doing very well on holdover water for next season.  We encourage you to look at them and try to get their basic relevance.


This map from NOAA shows a 50/50% chance of snow for our region. Not bad, I guess………kinda like all things in life to me.




Snake River



Starting Monday the Bureau of Reclamation will begin to reduce the flows out of the Jackson Lake Dam on the Snake River, which will begin to effect the quality of the fishing mid week. With the majority of the flow reduction taking place this upcoming week we’re anticipating the week starting 10/5 being better fishing as the fish get re-settled.



Snake River Fishing Report Jackson WY


Snake River Fishing Report Jackson WY


Flows at Moose: 3260 CFS

Below Jackson: 3770 CFS

The flows have settled down once again for the Dam release being cut down another 500 cfs. The lower the average flows, water temps and cooler and cloudier weather are setting the Snake up for an EPIC fall season. The fish are eating the Claasenia Stonefly and is the hot ticket and any type of foam with tan and brown size 6-10 has been productive. The fish are tight to the banks, behind structure and in the deep seams below the gravel bars where the braids meet. With the water temps in the high 50’s in the early morning try a streamer pattern in the riffles, banks and seams. There are also caddis out in the evenings.


Claasenia Stonefly Nymph

Look for the Hecuba to emerge in the next week or so with these cooler temps.






Come on out and enjoy the splendors of these fall like temps and the dissipated crowds!




Snake River Fishing Report Jackson Hole Wyoming

Snake River Fishing Report Jackson Hole Wyoming


Flows at Moose: 3950 CFS

Flows Below Jackson: 4550 CFS

After last week’s huge week of moisture the Snake River Fishing Report Jackson Hole Wyoming is settling back down and fishing very well. There are still plenty of PMD’s in the riffles and now that the flows are receding we’re seeing more fish spreading out along the banks. There have been plenty of hoppers out and the fish are looking at hopper and larger foam patterns and other terrestrial patterns such as ants and beetles too. We’re also seeing more and more of the bigger fish coming back into the main stem of the Snake from the tributaries. As we start to see cooler temps expect to see the Snake Drake along with the Fall Stone and the Hecuba too. On the warmer afternoons adding a dropper below an attractor pattern is sure to create more opportunity. As long as these flows continue to be consistent then we’re setting up to have an epic fall here in Jackson Hole on the Snake River.






Snake River Fly Fishing Report

Snake River Fly Fishing Report


Flows at Moose: 4410n CFS

Below Jackson: 5000 CFS

The Snake River Fly Fishing Report is the fishing good now with the fish looking at PMD’s, Yellow sallies and an assortment of foam patterns. A dropper off of the foam has been producing action as well. The faster banks are not holding many, if any fish and the slower banks and riffles have seen the best opportunity to see action. The best action has been mid morning until mid afternoon. The fishing conditions should remain consistent as long as the flows from the Jackson Dam remain constant throughout the rest of the season and the bigger fish should start appearing more frequently as the tributary flows start to drop. It is important to know that most of the flows on the regions waters have been above average fro the month of July and are just starting to come down to average flows. We still have a few slots available for the month of August so please give us a call @ 307.739.7020 to book your professionally guided fishing trip.



Snake River Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report


Snake River Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report

Flows at Moose: 5500 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 6500 CFS

The Snake River in and around Jackson Hole is getting closer to being a quality fishing experience. RDA has chosen to wait until the quality of the fishing/catching experience has reached it’s potential and we feel that the time has come so we’re sending our first scout trip out tomorrow. As we predicted several months ago that we’d be guiding on the Snake River towards late July. There have been quite a few guided trips out there for the past 6 weeks but we have chosen to take our valuable and respected clients elsewhere.  We’re looking forward to getting our clients and their families out for a wonderful experience. To book your trip please call 307.739.7020.



Snake River Fly Fishing Report

Snake River Fly Fishing Report

So far this runoff period has been extraordinary unpredictable, BUT the flows released from the Jackson Dam  now seem to favor optimal flows for great fishing! Please read the story below from the JH News and Guide today.

“Snake releases a surprise”

“Water managers responding to an unpredictably steady rate of snowmelt have scrapped earlier plans and now expect to hold releases into the Snake River steady at relatively low levels through the summer.

Going into runoff season, Jackson Lake Dam outflows were predicted to top out at a flushing flow of nearly 6,000 cubic feet per second in late June and then to taper off to a summer release rate of about 2,500 cfs.

Instead dam outflow never even broke 2,000 cfs and now looks likely to stay below that volume into the fall, the Bureau of Reclamation’s Mike Beus said Friday.

“We’re on a completely different path than we anticipated,” said Beus, the bureau’s Upper Snake Basin’s water operations manager. “The snowmelt just went away.”

The latest models show that Jackson Lake Dam releases, 1,848 cfs on Thursday, will stay steady “approximately through next week,” Beus said.

“We stepped up to this level the last day of May or so,” he said, “and have been there ever since.”

Over the years average dam releases for June 28 are about 3,500 cfs.

Although Jackson Lake is 97 percent full, Beus anticipated being able to maintain the relatively low rate of release into September.

The water situation downstream at Palisades Reservoir is even more of a shocker.

“We were expecting 100 percent [full] and having a little bit of high flow,” Beus said. “We were planning to be in the mode of preserving space.”

Instead, he said, Palisades is 72 percent full and slowly creeping back down.

While the lighter-than-expected runoff isn’t ideal for filling reservoirs or recreational floats, the steadiness is generally welcomed by fishermen.

While Beus didn’t expect any major changes to Snake releases anytime soon, he emphasized it’s impossible to predict what will happen

“Forecasting our inflow is the next step past predicting the weather.””


Posted: Saturday, June 28, 2014 4:30 am

By Mike Koshmrl Jackson Hole Daily


Snake River Fly Fishing Report

6.23.14   Snake River Fly Fishing Report

Flows below Jackson: 7620

I can’t believe that i’m even writing the contents of this report today but the Snake is somewhat trying to clear up enough to get in some reasonable fishing and there’s been a few reports of the fishing getting better every day. The spin fishing has been good, sub surface is ok too and the dry fly is seeing smaller trout coming up. Most of the action is near the spring creeks that flow into the main stem of the river and near the confluence of lower Flat Creek too.

The Bureau of Reclamation will start increasing flows out of the Jackson Dam soon which is sure to stir things up once again. that being said here’s the NOAA prediction:




As you can see the by the chart that the initial prediction was WAY OFF so we’ll just have to wait and see if this warming trend brings more snowpack down.


Snake River Fly Fishing Report


Snake River Fly Fishing Report

Flows at Moose: 10,100 CFS. Below Jackson: 15,300

The Snake River Fly Fishing Report is: MUDDY AND HUGE! The dam releases are just now kicking in and will make the flows even higher. The snow moisture still left in the mountains are still 143% of a 30 year average as of today. See the prediction chart below from NOAA.

Snake River Prediction


It’s going to be awhile until the Snake River settles down and is fishable; as of now we’re planning on late July before we start guiding trips on the Snake River.


Jackson Hole Fishing Report Snake River

5.22.14 Jackson Hole Fishing Report Snake River

Flows at Moose: 6260 CFS

Flows Below Jackson: 7490

Based on the current runoff and dam operation plan (see below) for the Jackson Lake dam the flows will be very high and not be fishable until the latter part of July given the current scenario. We will continue to update as the conditions become more favorable for fishing.



Snake Plan



The photo below was taken yesterday above the South Park Bridge.





If you right click on this link you will see a short video of the Snake river from yesterday as well. IMG_3528




Snake River Fishing Report Jackson Hole WY


Flows below Jackson: 4450 CFS

The current Snake River Fishing Report  is that the rivers are now completely blown and they will be for the next few months due to the HUGE snowpack still up high in the mountains. As of yesterday the total snowpack is 144% of a 30 year average, which compares to  a lot of water, thankfully. We will continue to update the report as the conditions become favorable for fishing and at this time we’re taking bookings for late July until the end of the season. Typically after a huge ‘flush’ on the rivers the hatches can be quite prolific! 4

Last week we were able to get one day in on the skwalla and caddis hatch which was fantastic, unlike last year’s hatch which lasted on and off for several weeks.


photo 1[1]


At this time we’re taking bookings for late July until the end of the season on the Snake River. RDA will be guiding on the Green, New Fork River and Salt Rivers starting in late June we think, given the current predictions.



Snake River Fishing Report – Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guides


Flows at Moose: 1650 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 2840 CFS

The latest Snake River Fishing Report from our local Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guides this week is the river has cleared up from earlier this week due to yet another cold spell. The water temps have dropped and so have the flows. We’re catching fish on weighted nymph rigs consisting of either stones as the point fly and either a bwo or a small stone dropped below the stone. Yesterday we had intermittent snow flurries and the next few days the forecast is pretty much the same.  See today’s weather below;


    Now – Friday, Apr 25, 8:15am


    For the foreseeable future we’re expecting these same weather patterns persisting so the fishing conditions on the Snake will be hit and miss on a daily basis. That being said we’re hoping to get a chance to get a few days out on the skwalla hatch. The water temps need to stay consistent in the upper 40’s to make this happen. That, along with some clear water and I must say this hatch is as good as it gets for big fish on big dries. Please give us a call @ 307.739.7020 for the most up to date report.

    Below you can see the temps and water graphs for this week.
























Snake River – Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guides


Flows at Moose: 904 CFS (Temp Range 37-42)

The Snake River has cleared up and the nymph fishing has been very good the past few days on stonefly and midge patterns. The water temps are still cold but we expect them to increase as the week end comes around. The flows have come down significantly(see chart below) the past few days so we’re looking for the blanket midge and blue wing hatches to return very soon. We’re still out guiding so come out and enjoy the Snake River without the crowds and crazy high flows! Call 307.739.7020 to book your trip or make an inquiry. We’re booking for the 2104 summer season!









Snake River – Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guides



Flows at Moose: 1000 (CFS temperature range from 38-48)

Our Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guides report that the Snake River has gotten off color the past few days with the heat spell we’re experiencing currently. Prior to that the Midges have been plentiful and there’s been a few Blue Winged Olives out as well. We found fish feeding on the surface eating both where the clear water was coming into the main channel in the afternoon. We’ve had several boats out the past few days and you’ve had to earn every single fish! Given the current long range forecast the runoff should fluctuate so check back often or give us a call @ 307.739.7020.  We’ll have boats out on the Snake as soon as it clears up, hopefully by Tuesday. We’re now booking for the 2014 summer season so give us a holler to reserve your slot.



Snake River Fishing Report


Flows at Moose: 714 CFS

Flows below Flat Creek: 1240 CFS

photo 2

The Snake River Fishing Report this past week has been great action in the afternoons from around 1-4pm give or take a few. We’ve had great action on dry, wet and streamer patterns. Each day has been a bit different depending on temps (water and air). cloud cover and wind.  Over all the action has been consistently good and the fish all look very healthy as evidenced in these pictures and are feisty. The dry fly action has been great using a parachute adams, Bobbs 5 second midge and/or a high vis Gnat using 5x tippet. The nymphing has been incredible using a flashback pheasant tail (#14) and a zebra midge or wd-40 (#18) combo. W’ve been using a 9′ 4x leader tied to the point fly and 5x tippet on the trailer fly. Depending on the depth and speed of the water you should  adjust your weight and indicator accordingly. With the upcoming forecasted temps we’re looking forward to some includible spring fishing conditions! The Snake River fishes at its prime during Spring and Fall before the Idaho irrigation seasons and runoff, which we’re anticipating to be huge with our current snowpack.


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Jackson Hole Snake River Fly Fishing Report


Flows below Flat Creek: 1160 CFS

The latest Jackson Hole Snake River Fly Fishing Report is get out on the water! Now that we’ve seen about 12 feet of snow in February our water conditions have improved significantly. The temperatures this past week have been on a warming trend which have made the mid day midge hatch come alive. The best action is still from around 1-3pm. We had our first guided trip on Saturday and the bite was on. The valley floor is starting to melt with all of the warm temps and rain and the fish are getting quite active. There has even been fish caught on streamer patterns. Our hottest nymph patterns are the flashback pheasant tail nymph, the allen brothers magic midge and the infamous san juan worm in either a light brown or red color. The cone head green machine streamer has been the ticket on a 9′ 3x leader. The dry fly that we’re seeing the best results are on Bobbs 5 second midge and a high vis gnat.

Spring Fishing






Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report


The current Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Report for the Snake River this week is; the fishing has been productive in the afternoons now that we’ve had so many warm days and nights in a row. The water temps have risen a few degrees and the overcast days mixed with moisture have made the midge hatches quite prolific. The fish have been stacked in the head of the riffles and the back of the pools, with many fish suspended midway in the water column. Nymphing is still the go to setup for productivity but there’s been some fish up eating the emergers as well. Give us a call so we can get you out this winter for an amazing afternoon.


The graph below shows just how low the water supply is in the Upper Snake River but we’re getting pounded with great snow currently. The reservoirs are at 42% of capacity and our snowpack is 112% of average, so all in all we’re definitely headed in the right direction for another stellar season!


Water Year Graph


Jackson Hole Fishing Report


This week’s Jackson Hole Fishing Report is; it’s going to brutal for getting out on the water. With the frigid temps and wind chill i’d suggest getting out on the your skis or snowmachine and stay bundled up! Friends who were fishing over on the Bighorn yesterday nearly froze to death. Even with heaters! OR get your work done so when spring comes you can get out without a guilty conscience. Our snowpack is continuing to hover around 100% so we’re hoping and praying to stay there or grow until runoff starts! The month of February has a lot of snow forecasted so far! We’re looking forward to another great fishing season so please get in touch while we still have slots available.




Snake River Fishing Report in Jackson Hole Wyoming


Here’s this weeks Snake River Fishing Report in Jackson Hole Wyoming;

With the wild swing of temperatures we’ve been experiencing this past week the fishing on the warmer afternoons has been fairly consistent. That being said, with the warmer temps we’ve had some crazy winds this past week but hopefully we’re going to get a reprieve for awhile. The name of the game is still midging, mostly on nymphs. The action has been limited to a several hour window in the afternoons from approx. 2-4pm when the temps are above 25 degrees. Your best bet is to nymph a 7-9 foot 5x floro leader with a flashback pheasant tail (#16) as your point fly and drop a small zebra midge (#20) about 18″ below the point fly. Make sure you add some split shot above the point fly which the weight amount will depend on the depth and speed of the water you’re fishing. Bobb’s 5 second midge #22 for the dry is very effective if you can see it on the water. If you’re having trouble seeing it tie on a point fly, we suggest a high vis g nat #20 with 5x tippet.The fish seem to be concentrated either in or near the riffles, with some feeding either in the back of the pool or slightly suspended below the surface.


Winter Cuttie Feb 2013


Snake River

Fall on the Snake


The Snake River is and has been fishing AMAZING every day! The October caddis seem to be fizzling out but the BWOS are  as thick and plentiful as they can be. Look for the fish in the back of the pools, near the seams and in the riffles. With the warm temps forecasted for the next week we’ll still be guiding every afternoon from our private access. The afternoon Fall Special on the Snake is $350 per boat, which includes all gear necessary. Give us a shout at 739.7020 to book your trip.

Flows at Moose, WY: 1060 CFS



Snake River


The Bureau of Reclamation will be reducing the Jackson Lake Dam starting tomorrow,  which will definitely throw off the fishing for the next several weeks on the Snake River.

Flows will be reduced beginning Monday, September 30th and lows will drop from approximately 2700 cfs to 1200 cfs between Monday, September 30 and Friday, October 5.  Flows will remain steady over the weekend.  Reductions will resume Monday, October 7th and reach winter flow of 280 cfs on Friday, October 11th.


The fishing around the area rivers has been simply amazing and we’re now offering fall specials so please get in touch with us for some excellent fall fishing.

Since we’ve received so much precipitation in the past few weeks we are still guiding float trips on the following rivers:








Snake River


Flows at Moose: 4560 CFS

Now that the muddy water has passed through the Snake River our fishing/catching has picked up once again. With the cooler temps in the mornings the Hecuba hatch has been starting around 10-11am the past few days. Look for the Fall stones, mahoganies, bwos and caddis throughout the day and evening.

Father and Son


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 4400 CFS

Fooled by a PMD, in September! WOW.

Fooled by a PMD, in September! WOW.

With the amazing amount of moisture we received yesterday the PMD’s are out on the Snake River by the zillions!  These along with the Hecubas make this as good of dry fly fishing as the Snake gets, EVER! With the cooler mornings the action has been getting good around 10 am and lasting till late afternoon. The fall stones are still abundant as well, especially in the afternoons. If you want the best of the best try our private spring creek in the morning and float the Snake from our private access in the afternoon!


Snake River



Flows at Moose: 4710 cfs




We’re VERY happy to report that we’ve received a significant amount of rain the past few days and nights which has cooled the waters on the Snake River and surrounding tributaries. The fish are really keying in on the Hecubas and the classinia stoneflys! These hatches are amongst the most prolific hatches of the entire year. The big fish really key in on them and it’s not uncommon to pull up to a riffle and and see 6-8 16″-20″ fish feeding in on them. The Hecubas are found mostly in the riffles and the stoneflys are at the tail outs and along the banks.

Our private access to the Snake provides a pristine environment to see lots of big fish, very few people and boats along with lots of wildlife! We welcome you to join us for a wonderful day of angling and if you want to complement your experience please consider a trip on Fish Creek as well.


Fish Creek






Snake River Fishing Report


Hoppers. Droppers, Ants and Stones are the flys de jour currently.



USGS.13013650.15.00010..20130811.20130818..0.Flows at Moose, WY: 4710 CFS

The most recent Snake River Fishing Report is that currently, we’re on the upswing(again) with some very warm temperatures in the afternoons(see chart above). With that being said, the trick is to be the early bird on the water and fish hard till mid afternoon, until the water temps get too warm. Then we recommend cracking a cold one open and enjoying the rest of your day! As the temps increase the size of the fish decrease. The larger fish start to shut down around 66 degrees F and the smaller fish can still manage until approx 70 F.

The better news is; the flows from the Jackson dam are decreasing very gradually which is keeping the fish consistently in their current habitat and this should continue for the foreseeable future, we hope.

About mid week the temps are forecasted to decrease so this should make the fishing last longer throughout the day. We’ve had trips out this past week all over and we’re seeing the Cottonwood and Aspsen trees already start to change colors. The fall stone fly has been appearing and we’re thinking as the temps start to decrease the hecuba hatch will start as well.


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 5060 CFS

The past several days of heavy cloud cover in the morning has kept the water temps lower throughout the day so the fishing/catching has been very good the past fews days all day long. Terrestrial time is in full effect on the Snake River in Jackson Hole and will continue for the next few weeks until the hecubas and classina(stoneflys) start to appear.Also, we been having a reasonable amount of success using the crane fly pattern as well. Some of the larger fish are settling in on the banks taking advantage of the terrestrial bite. We invite you to come see what our private ramp access to the Snake River is all about; fishing without all of the crowds is priceless, especially in August!


Snake River Fun!

Snake River Fun!


Snake River


Flows at Moose: 5320 CFS

The Snake River has been fishing better and better every day! Thankfully, the Bureau of Reclamation slowed the Jackson Dam release down by 500 cfs several days ago and will be doing it again, hopefully soon. This combined with the cooler temps from the rains last week have provided some incredible dry fly action. We’re seeing LOTS of PMD’S still and before and after the hatch the fish are looking for the terrestrials on the banks, in the pockets and riffles as well. With the sun out for the better part of the day we’re seeing the best action from 8am till mid afternoon, then again in the evenings after the sun starts to get lower on the horizon.


Snake River


Snake River Jackson Hole – Reel Deal Anglers

Snake River 7.26.13

Snake River 7.26.13



Flows at Moose: 5850 CFS

The Snake River in Jackson Hole Wyoming has really turned on the past few days. We’re seeing lots of nice fish eating large terrestrials and some fish over 20″ smashing the streamers. Hopefully, the scorching temps have subsided for the season and we can “get down to business.” With August being the busiest month out of the entire season we welcome you and invite everyone to come check out our private access to the Snake River in Jackson Hole Wyoming. We are sure you will appreciate the serenity and surroundings void of the masses.



Snake River 7.27.13






Snake River Jackson Wyoming


Flows at Moose, WY: 6030 CFS



The Snake River in Jackson Hole has cleared up as we anticipated, thankfully. The name of the game this week is EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM!!! The water temps are nearing 68/9 degrees in late afternoon which shuts the fish off with their survival instincts. We’re seeing good action from 7:30am to approx. noon due to the rising water temps. Hopefully, with cooler temps on the near horizon the fishing days will elongate once again. The natural cycle has been 30 days early this year so we’re hoping for a cooler August.


Snake River



Flows at Moose: 6230 CFS

As of this morning the Snake River blew out due to a huge storm that followed the Buffalo River Valley night before last. Up until today the dry fly fishing was getting better every day. We’re hoping the Snake River will settle in clear over the next few days. The problem with the dirty water directly relates to the fire last year up in the Teton Wilderness. The fire was started by campers who failed to extinguish their campfire, so now we’re left with the repercussions. Check back in the next few days as we will continue to monitor the quality of the water.

We will continue to have higher than normal flows this season but these high flows have made great new side channels that are chalk full of fish in the riffles and are chowing on PMDS.

The excerpt is from the Bureau of Reclamation’s meeting on 7.17.13 regarding our current flows.

Releases from the dam are currently just below 5,000 cfs. No change in outflow is anticipated before August 1.

Jackson Lake is currently 75% capacity and falling 0.3 ft per day. Colter Bay boat ramp should be functional until about August 1. Signal and Leeks boat ramps should be functional through September. Due to recent increases in inflow to Jackson Lake, projected storage at the end of the season is now 150,000 acre ft.

BOR will update operations again 9:00 July 31. They are currently anticipating flow reductions after August 1 by 500 cfs every 2 weeks.


Snake River Fishing Report Jackson Hole Wyoming


Flows at Moose: 6300 cfs

The most current fishing report from the Snake River is were FINALLY seeing some clearing and settling down, which RDA plans to get out on guided trips starting in the next several days. The flows out of the Jackson Dam will remain constant at 5000 cfs through the month of July and the exact flow on the Snake River is still not known for the rest of the season. The tributaires are dwindling down after all of the rain we had over the past week, which we needed and rejoiced about! The pmds are still out and with the warmer temps this week we’re anticipating the terrestrial season to kick off. The fish are still in the side channels or any place there’s a place for them to get out of the main channel, which is moving very fast. You’re best best is to get out of the boat and find some clamer water near a riffle, overhanging willow or log structures.


Snake River


Flows at Moose WY: 7345 CFS

The Snake River currently is running higher than last week due to the increased releases from the Jackson Dam the past several days. We’re anticipating the higher flows for the next few weeks, which will make fishing a challenge. BUT, there’s still fish to be found in the side channels and where the tributaires flow into the Snake. There are Golden Stones EVERYWHERE and if the water is slow enough, fish are eating on the surface. With the cooler temperatures the past several days the tributaries are clearing up which should help improver the clarit in the main stem of the Snake.

If you’re looking for a quality fishing experience in the Jackson Hole area you should give our private spring creek a go. The Pmd and Green Drake hatches are blowing up and we’re seeing record numbers of trophy trout fighting over the bugs!



Snake 6-8-13


Reel Deal has great waters to fish so please call us @ 307.739.7020

Currently the Snake River is somewhat clear but still needs some settling down to be considered fishable. With that being said, we had several guides scout it yesterday and they did manage to farm up a few on dry flies. With the warmer temps forcasted for the weekend, be prepared for higher and muddier water. At this time RDA is plannning to guide the Snake is several weeks; or as soon as it meets our standards. The tributaries still have snow above 9000 ft so we’ll see what happens over the next week or so.

In the meantime, Fish Creek, our private spring creek is turning on and we’re getting ready for the Green Drake hatch! This hatch is an AMAZING experience and LOTS of big fish are starting to populate the creek.

Flows: Moose 5510 CFS Fish Creek: 400 CFS

For more information please click the link or call us at 307.739.7020.