Upper Green and New Fork River Fishing Report

Upper Green and New Fork River Fishing Report



Flows at Warren Bridge: 549 CFS

Flows at La Barge: 1680 CFS


New Fork flows:727 CFS


The Upper Green River and New Fork Fishing Report and update is there is plentiful water flows and temps which is a true blessing! Time to get your streamers going for the big boys and happy fall! We’re still guiding the rivers for at least another 3 weeks! There are also BWOS hatching and some midge too for the dry fly bite.

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                                 Fall Brown

New Fork River wyoming fishing guides

                    Gary had a very good day!!!!!

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                     Yet another nice brown!


Check out these flows and temps below, we literally went from summer to winter conditions overnight. This got the big boys recharged and the rivers are darn near void of human activity.



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New Fork River Fishing Report

New Fork River Fishing Report


Flows near Big Piney: 2500 CFS



New Fork River Fishing Report

New Fork River Fishing Report


Flows near Big Piney: 3450 CFS

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Fantastic New Fork Brown

The New Fork River Fishing Report is fishing is getting better every day. The flows are still very fast along the banks, so look for the fish to be anywhere the flows are diverted/blocked or reduced. The Grey Drakes are out in full force and the pmds are trying to get going as well and we’re seeing a few sallies as well. The nymph bite is hot as is the streamer one too. The best advice we have for the New Fork River Fishing Report during the heat wave we’re dealing with now is to get out early!

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New Fork River Fishing Report

New Fork River Fishing Report


Flows near Big Piney: 8030 CFS

The New Fork River Fishing Report in Pinedale Wyoming is more of a flow/flood report at this point in time. The county has issued an order to stay away from the river corridors until further notice. Hopefully, with the cooler temps the waters will recede and the melt will slow down soon. For further updates; please call us @ 307-413-0669 or email; [email protected].

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Launch Closed


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Current New Fork Flows


New Fork Fishing Report


New Fork Fishing Report

Flows near La Barge: 860 CFS

So far, the New Fork Fishing Report this season has been really good with the hatches, flows and feeding fish. The challenge part has been the ever changing weather patterns, which make the predictability that much more complex and challenging. Some days we’ve seen the bite start around dawn and other days not until mid to late morning. Regardless the Golden Stones, Drakes, Yellow Sallies, Pmd’s and caddis have been plentiful and the fish key in on the specific insect and their various stages of life cycle. The bigger fish seem to be keen on the spinners, in particular. When the bite slows down a dropper of streamer keeps the action going.

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Trucha Maroon

Fly fishing Wyoming

Room with a View

New fork River Fishing guides


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New Fork River Fishing Guides

Shira Bull Moose

Best of the West Fishing


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Fremont Lake


New Fork


New Fork Fishing Report

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                             Atta Girl

Flows near Big Piney: 1250 CFS

Water temps ranging from 57/58 in the am to mid 60’s in the afternoon.

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                    Beautiful Brown

The New Fork Fishing Report from today was early am stripping streamers, mid to late morning droppers and good dry fly action until mid afternoon. We’re seeing a fair amount of pmds, yellow sallies, green and grey drakes and goldens as well.  A #4-6 simple streamer gets the job done on a floating line. Dropping either a pheasant tail or hares ear works well about 2 feet below the golden and the mayfly bite is best on the duns. The fish are tight to the banks as the sun intensifies throughout the day. Keep in mind as the consecutive days of bright, hot sun persists, getting out early is a great idea.

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Beautiful Bow


New Fork River


Flows at Big Piney: 797 cfs

The early bird gets the fish on the New Fork River……we’re in a heat spell currently and the surface action has been great from around 8am to 1-2pm then slows way down until early evening. We’re seeing lots of grey drakes, meaty yellow sallies and some nice pmd’s too. Dropping a bead head in the afternoon can still produce a few fish too.


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New Fork Brown


New Fork River


Flows at Big Piney on the New Fork River: 2280 CFS

New Fork River Fishing Report

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Beautiful Bow 6.20.2105

The 2015 summer season has officially kicked off and here’s our New Fork River Report from Pinedale Wyoming. This past week the flows have been returning to normal and are shaping up quite nicely. The Golden stones are the most predominant hatch right now but there’s plenty of yellow sallies, a few drakes and caddis in the evenings. On Saturday we we floated we saw plenty of action along with a plethora of wildlife too.

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Bull Moose

There were moose all over the place, mule deer, bald eagles, golden eagles and sandhill cranes. Just to name a few.

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Mamma Moose with Twins

The bite has been best in the afternoon but we expect that to change with the warming trend forecasted over the next 10 days. The browns and bows are healthy and are mostly in the deep pockets along the banks where the flows are reduced out of the main seams.

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New Fork River Fishing Report


Flows: 3640 near Big Piney.

The New Fork River fishing report is this spring has been very productive and as of today we’re anticipating the flows to increase and the color to get darker through mid week. Check back in a few days to see what the latest conditions are. The snowpack in the Wind River Range is still 155% of a 30 year average, which is really incredible for this time of year.

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New Fork 2015


Pinedale wyoming fly fishing guides

New Fork 2015


Pinedale Wyoming fly fishing guides

New Fork 2015


Pinedale Wyoming Fly fishing Guides

New Fork 2015



Wyoming Snow and Water Forecasts and Winter Predictions

Wyoming Snow and Water Forecasts and Winter Predictions


Trying to predict the current winter snowfall and next season’s water supply is a very tricky and unpredictable process. Conditions are ever changing, especially in the mountains.  We rely on a plethora of scientific data that’s available to us via the internet such as these websites:








These sites have an amazing amount of useful data but it often comes down to late spring time before we really have abetter idea of which drainages will be fishing at which time and their prospective flows. Noting that this past August was cold and rainy, which was really odd for the high desert we call home. It is worth noting that after this past year’s moisture collectively Wyoming is doing very well on holdover water for next season.  We encourage you to look at them and try to get their basic relevance.


This map from NOAA shows a 50/50% chance of snow for our region. Not bad, I guess………kinda like all things in life to me.




New Fork River


Flows: 627 at Big Piney

The New Fork River has been a very consistent producer of lots of really nice fish eating dry flies. The fish are keyed in on these prolific hatches of Golden Stones and Grey Drakes every day. Before and after the bite stripping a streamer keeps you in the game as does dropping a soft hackle hares ear below the dry fly. Get out early as the temps rise this wend!


New Fork 6-10-13

Currently the New Fork is clear and fishing well. We’ve seen a few Golden Stones (Genera Hesperoperla and Calineuria) out and the fish are starting to look for them. The most productive method has been a dry dropper rig consisting of a large golden pattern with a mega prince nymph dropped below about 16 inches. The fish have been in the typical spots; tight to the banks and in the seams of the deeper riffles. If the fish aren’t looking for the stones, try a black sex dungeon on a sinking tip line. Always remember: Foam is Home!