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September 6, 2015
October 26, 2015
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Clean, Drain, Dry


It is imperative that we keep invasive species out of the western waters!!! PLEASE read the information below and THANK YOU for taking time to Clean, Drain,Dry.


Hunters Guide to Clean. Drain. Dry.™


Brooklyn Center, MN – With hunting seasons underway, many hunters will take to the field this fall in specialized gear and equipment.  Unknowingly, boots, trailers, even decoys can often harbor invasive species, spread to new places and destroy wildlife habitat. Before and after each trip, don’t forget to Clean Drain and Dry.

Foreign invaders of many kinds, including plants, animals and diseases are becoming part of our outdoor experience. They damage equipment, disrupt ecosystems, alter wildlife habitat and are a serious threat to public access.

Hunters often provide the first line of defense in helping to identify invasive species and prevent their spread. As stewards, they play a critical role in protecting the resource and local communities.

CLEAN all boats, motors, trailers and equipment. Remove plants/vegetation, seeds, mud, mussels/snails and other material before leaving any water, trail or field access. Be sure to check your boots, dogs, decoys, and vehicle for weeds.

DRAIN all water from boats, floats, bilges and motors. Remove drain plugs and open all water draining devices. Note: many states and provinces require such steps before leaving the access and traveling.

DRY all gear and equipment for at least five days before going to other waters or landings, or spray and rinse it with high-pressure and/or hot water.

The National Clean Drain Dry Initiative works to provide marketing, outreach and educational services for consistent invasive species messaging focused on best management prevention. To sponsor or join the Clean Drain Dry Initiative, contact:  Pat Conzemius: [email protected]. For more information visit:

About Wildlife Forever (WF): Wildlife Forever’s mission is to conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife.  For over 27 years, WF members have helped to conduct thousands of fish, game and habitat conservation projects across the country. To join or learn more about WF’s award-winning programs, including work to engage America’s youth, visit



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