Wyoming Snow and Water Forecasts and Winter Predictions

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September 27, 2014
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Wyoming Snow and Water Forecasts and Winter Predictions

Wyoming Snow and Water Forecasts and Winter Predictions


Trying to predict the current winter snowfall and next season’s water supply is a very tricky and unpredictable process. Conditions are ever changing, especially in the mountains.  We rely on a plethora of scientific data that’s available to us via the internet such as these websites:








These sites have an amazing amount of useful data but it often comes down to late spring time before we really have abetter idea of which drainages will be fishing at which time and their prospective flows. Noting that this past August was cold and rainy, which was really odd for the high desert we call home. It is worth noting that after this past year’s moisture collectively Wyoming is doing very well on holdover water for next season.  We encourage you to look at them and try to get their basic relevance.


This map from NOAA shows a 50/50% chance of snow for our region. Not bad, I guess………kinda like all things in life to me.



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