Green River Wyoming Fishing Update – a Biologist Report

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January 2, 2013
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February 1, 2013
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Green River Wyoming Fishing Update – a Biologist Report

The last few years were interesting for Green River Wyoming fish populations. There were record high flows one year followed by near record low flows the next. In 2011 we saw some interesting phenomenon. Numbers weren’t down terribly, but a large number of fish were displaced by the flooding. Areas high in the system had significantly lower fish numbers and areas lower in the system had significantly higher numbers.

This past summer, the fish responded incredibly. We saw record numbers of fish at two stations (Warren Bridge and LaBarge), and the highest number of juvenile fish we’ve seen. Bottom line, I am pretty comfortable saying the next couple of years could be the best fishing we’ve ever seen on the Green. If we get good water from the snow pack, we might be able to sustain Green River Wyoming fishing for a long while, if not it might be another boom and bust. Time will tell.

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