Fontenelle Wyoming Fishing Report

October 14, 2015
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February 16, 2016
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Fontenelle Wyoming Fishing Report

Fontenelle Wyoming Fishing Report


Please read below for the latest from the Bureau of Rec which controls the dam at Fontenelle. Let’s all pray for at least a few more good storms to pack the mountains with good snow so the rivers are full all season long! We will continue to update our fishing reports and water/runoff reports. We are booking our spring trips below Fontenelle now so please give us a call to reserve your guide @ 307-739-7020.

Hi Rhett,

Good to hear from you! Fontenelle is currently down to ~6482 ft, which is about 52% of capacity. Since it’s relatively small, we draw it down pretty far over the winter to make space for spring runoff–we aim to get it down around 6468 ft by April 1st. Right now it looks like we’ll come in a little high because inflows have, to date, been higher than anticipated. Releases will stay constant at 950 cfs until April, when we’ll (hopefully) start to ramp up with the snow melt inflows. The forecast center has projected April-July runoff inflows at about 71% of average, due to the below average snowpack in the Green River Basin. Of course, that could easily change if we get a few good storms. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Have a great weekend,

Lee Elizabeth Traynham, P.E.
Civil Engineer/Hydrologist
Bureau of Reclamation

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