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Snake River
April 27, 2015
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May 27, 2015
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Snake River

Snake River Fly Fishing Guides

Jackson Dam Flows 5-21-2015


Flows at Moose: 3320 and rising

Flows below Jackson: 4590 and rising

Well we lost 30% of the snowpack in 3 weeks and now were seeing the rivers try and clear, for the moment. With the cooler temps lately and all of the rain its been a wild ride so far. Here’s whats happening now to the flows which will now make fishing/catching a reel challenge for awhile The Snake River in Jackson Wyoming is now experiencing runoff, again. this time it’s due to the new releases from the Jackson Dam. See the graph below.


Snake River Fly Fishing Guides


Below is the explanation from the Bureau of Reclamation for the Snake River Jackson Wyoming:

“Cool weather has slowed inflow to Jackson Lake and we are still on track to fill before Tuesday, May 25. To delay the fill into next week we will increase discharge from 590 cfs to 1,800 cfs on Thursday, May 21. The changes will be staged in three increments at 3 hours intervals from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm with 4:00 pm reserved to make small corrections as necessary.

Once the Lake fills, inflow must be passed to avoid storing above Lake capacity. With snow depleted at all but the highest elevations inflow is not expected to exceed 4,000 cfs. Inflow should rebound as temperatures rise and if it reaches 4,000 cfs, we will not subsequently reduce flow below 4,000 cfs until late in June or later.”

What does this mean? Based on this information we’re not planning to be guiding on the Snake until late June or early July.

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