Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report

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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019
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Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report

Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report

                                  Nice Bow


Flows at Warren Bridge; 344 CFS

Flows near La Barge; 672 CFS

The Upper Green River Wyoming Fishing Report near Pinedale Wyoming is Tricos and Hoppers for the main course of dry flies with your smattering of bwos, pmds and caddis. On the hotter brighter days the hopper has been quite productive and when the bite starts to wane, put a dropper on to keep the bite rolling. The water temps have been on the rise again, but with the current forecasted temps and clouds starting to appear again, which are going to be a huge welcome! As the water flows continue to drop, the fish will start to school up in the pools, so it’s imperative to be as sneaky as humanly possible. The streamer bite has been quite productive as well and will only get better as fall approaches. Keep in mind to pick your sinking line sink rate accordingly for best results when throwing a streamer. Another favorable result of the lower water temps has resulted in lower moss and algae rates throughout the entire drainage, which is so nice not having to clean your fly off after every drift!

                     Dandy of a Brown

On many of our days on the water lately we haven’t seen a single person out, which is AMAZING to experience. Give us a call to book your fall fishing adventure and we’ll look forward to head hunting and stripping streamers for some BIG FISH!!! Just imagine yourself on the water without the crowds, golden leaves, cool temps and the prospect of a trophy trout.


To book your fall trip please email; [email protected] or call/text; 307-413-0669. Fish on and have a good one!

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