August 13, 2014
Predicting weather, water, runoff and hatches
August 21, 2014
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It was wonderful. We loved the privacy of the river and both our guides were wonderful – very knowledgeable and highly conscientious. One son only caught one, but it wasn’t the guide’s fault, Alex put him on the fish several times and he hooked several big ones and a few small ones, he just couldn’t master his line management and keep one on the hook. It was really his first time fly fishing, Alex was VERY patient, encouraging, and very good with him. He had a spinning rod and offered to Phillip, but Phillip was determined to spend the day learning about and practicing with a fly rod. He kept Phillip from getting frustrated and Phillip improved 1000 percent by the end of the trip. Doug and the oldest son, John, fishing alongside in the other boat caught about 30. All thought it was a GREAT day. I got to take pictures and do some animal watching (3 moose, several deer, a bald eagle, and a BIG owl). The guides had anything we needed, put out a nice spread for lunch. Thank you for putting it altogether for us.

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