Predicting weather, water, runoff and hatches

August 19, 2014
August 25, 2014
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Predicting weather, water, runoff and hatches


Predicting weather, water, runoff and hatches

All of us here at Reel Deal Anglers try our best to predict the various conditions that are all part of the equation for putting together a promising day on the water but this process is very tricky and difficult to accomplish. Even though we have such an amazing amount of real time and readily updated information at our disposal, its all an educated guess at best. Take for example this graph below;


Obviously no one can predict any or all of the the natural events that we all deal with and with the extreme swings in weather we’ve all been experiencing, which makes it even more difficult and complex. So the bottom line is you “gotta go to know” is the best way to increase your chances for a successful day on the water. What i’ve come to know is the more days you spend on the water the better your chances! Take a look at the graph below and you’ll see what i mean by swings in the extreme.


As i’ve been writing this blog we’ve had several “special weather statements” from the National Weather Service. One was removed after calling for torrential downpours earlier and now there’s one calling for more storms. So my point is there are so many unpredictable variables that make up a great day on the water and are completely out of our control. I’ve been on one piece of water and had a killer day and the one above or below was a bust.  This is what keeps me interested each and every time I’m out on the water b/c you “gotta go to know”. Every day on the water is good its just some are better than others! Tight Lines!

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