Green River

Snake River
May 19, 2016
Snake River Fly fishing guides
Snake River
May 23, 2016
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Green River

Upper Green River Fishing Guides

It's anybodys guess today


Flows at Warren Bridge: 1220 CFS

Flows near La Barge: 4670 CFS


Upper Green River Fishing Guides

           It’s anybody’s guess today


We had a guided trip out on 5/19 and they had the day we all dream about. Gary was in meetings until mid day, then on the Green River until dark. Here’s his response to his day, when asked:

“It was amazing! I want to send major kudos to Drake for the incredible experience. Both the largest rainbow and brown I’ve ever landed, and the most fish over 16″ I’ve caught in a day.  It was a great day!!”


Pinedale Wyoming Fishing Guides

                          One Happy Client

On Friday we had a training run out and the guides had some great luck with some large fish. Not too many in the net, but those who made it in, were dandys. As soon as they were getting off another spring storm rolled in.


New Fork fishing guides

                               Jim dandy

new fork river fishing guides

                                  Jim dandy # 2

And then on Saturday, one of our new hires, Austin got out on the Green River and it hailed so hard on him he had to duck and cover. Not to long after a full on blizzard moved in.

Green River Wyoming Fly fishing Guides

                       Chilly, wet water

So, the river swells to double its flow in 2 days, which throws the river off and we will see what happens from there. There are new storms rolling through as I write, so please give us a shout @ 307-739-7020.



Wyoming Fly Fishing Guides

                             Wild spring flows




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