Snake River

Snake River
June 8, 2015
June 15, 2015
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Snake River


Flows at Moose: 7540 CFS

Flows below Jackson: 9380 CFS

The flows are dropping steadily on the Snake River with help from the decreasing flows at the Jackson Dam as well as the snowpack diminishing as well. (See explanation below)

“I hope that all of you were expecting us to reduce discharge today and this late notification doesn’t cause any problems. We have reduced discharge by 500 cfs to 3,000 cfs. The change was divided between 11:00 am and  1:00 pm.

Tomorrow, we will repeat a 500 cfs change to 2,500 cfs total flow below the dam. Changes will be made at the same times.”

Michael W. Beus Water Operations Manager, Upper Snake Field Office, Bureau of Reclamation

With these reduced flows and the decreased snowpack we’re anticipating improved fishing conditions on the Snake River over the next week. As they do we will update the report. We are now accepting reservations for our Snake River guided fishing trips on 6/24/2105. To book your trip please call 307.739.7020.

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