Snake River Fishing Report 3.7.2015

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November 17, 2014
Snake River Fly Fishing Guides
Snake River
March 18, 2015
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Snake River Fishing Report 3.7.2015

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing guides

Snake River Cuttie

Water Flows at Moose: 1000

Below Flat Creek: 1430

Temp range from 37 mid day to low 40’s late afternoon

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing guides

Snake River Cuttie

Spring has started earlier this season and the fishing/catching on the Snake River is getting better every day. Yesterday there were a few pools with trout rising in the afternoon to sip midges and the winter black stones.  With the warming trend forecasted over the next few weeks it should be really good and consistent. Heck, I’m thinking we will see Blue Winged Olives in the very near future!

The best action is in the mid to late afternoon and the fish are mostly still stacked up in the riffles and have been in the tailouts, seams and along the foam line. Nymphing is by far the most productive method with a 9 ft 4x set up with BB split shot about 8-10 inches above the point fly and the strike indicator about 6 inches below the leader connection.

Our most consistent flies are:

Point fly: # 14-16 soft hackle pheasant tail or hare’s ear, copper john, black magic

Trailer fly: # 18-20 Allen’s mighty midge, zebra midge, drowning midge or a san juan worm in red or orange

Dry Flies: #18-20 Marvelous Midge emergers, high vis Griffith’s nat or Bobs 5 second midge

Streamers: #4-8 white zonker, green weenies, flash a bugger


We’re currently offering wade trips and will start our float trips on March 16th.


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