Thankful for Reservoirs

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August 4, 2016
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Thankful for Reservoirs


Thankful for Reservoirs

In a low water year, such as our current season that we have been experiencing, I’m so thankful for Reservoirs and I’d love to give a huge shout out and kudos to the Bureau of Reclamation. Without their mindful and systematic operations, we, as fishing guides, would be really hurting for quality water for our business and clients. Read this excerpt from the Bureau’s website;

  • Drought in the Western United States

    “Many areas in the Western U.S. are currently experiencing unprecedented drought conditions. While droughts in the Western U.S. are common, there is growing evidence that climate change is causing longer and more frequent droughts in some areas. Drought directly impacts Reclamation’s ability to deliver water and power which is central to Reclamation’s mission. As the Nation’s largest wholesale water supplier, Reclamation is working with our customers, stakeholders, and partners in developing resiliency to drought. Reclamation’s Drought Response Program supports a proactive approach to drought. It will provide assistance to water users for drought contingency planning, including consideration of climate change information and to take actions that will build long-term resiliency to drought.” Learn more at:

There are two people I’d like to thank personally who I work with directly; Mr. Mike Beus, in Burley, Idaho and Ms. Heather Patno, from the Upper Colorado Region office. A lot of our trips depend on the operations of the Jackson Lake  and Fontenelle Dams. Both Heather and Mike are very helpful and huge resources of information, which helps me plan out the trips for our clients. When dealing with the business of water, it’s a hugely complicated and VERY unpredictable matter. As I’m sure you’re all aware of, the weather seems to be getting wilder and more intense the past few years, with crazy temperature and moisture swings. So, one must remember and keep in mind that water is not an exact science and since it’s a fluid, the ability to predict it’s course is ever changing.

Every season, when booking trips for the upcoming season,  many of our clients want to know “when’s the BEST time to come fish?” Well, so do we! Here’s a synopsis of how it goes; As the snow falls(hopefully) throughout the winter, there are sites up in the mountains that tell us what the percentage of moisture and snowfall is and comparing it to a 30 year average. Then, as spring approaches and the snow begins to melt the water managers and users begin to plan the course of action. Since the weather has been so erratic, this is where the managers from the Bureau of Reclamation earn their keep. To give an example, this spring the Fontenelle Reservoir was predicted to only fill to about 70% in early May. Then, in May, we received several weeks of moisture, thank God, and then the projected fill of the reservour was in the mid 90% range after. So then, the managers had to re-work their release plan accordingly, which changed several more times thereafter.

Below is another example of federal funds being put to good use, in my opinion.

Whether its recreational or agricultural use, we ALL depend on water and I’m so thankful to how much care and effort i’ve witnessed and experienced first hand from the great folks at the Bureau of Reclamation


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